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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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IHI Perinatal Improvement Community: Follow-Up Question-and-Answer Call

It takes a Community!

Your Perinatal Faculty Team

Sue Gullo, Director

Virginia (Ginna) Peter Cherouny, Betty Janey, PM Crowe, IA Faculty Chair

Evan Bittel, PC

Our Faculty Team

Also not pictured: Cheri Johnson Martha Leighton

Randall J. Morgan

Kim L. Armour

Tara E. Bristol

Deb Bell-Polson

AGENDA • Welcome and Introductions • Sue Gullo, Perinatal Improvement Community Director • Question-and-Answer Session • IHI Faculty & Staff will: • Review the “Perinatal Improvement Community 101” • Answer YOUR questions now!

• Consider Enrolling! • Betty Janey, IHI Program Manager

Quality Improvement & The Know-Do Gap

What we know


Evidence-Based Knowledge

IHI Perinatal Community What we do


QA and QI are complementary Regulation

Professional oversight

Evidence Guidelines, protocols, SOPs


Accreditation Training Competencies



Performance review

IMPROVED OUTCOMES 1. Aims: what are the “gaps” in performance and outcomes 2. Measures: tools to measure and feedback processes and outcomes


3. Changes: frontline methods and activities to close the “gap” 10

Join the Community! What is in a membership? 12 months of interactive learning 7 expert faculty at your fingertips 5 levels of engagement each month 2 Face to Face meetings 1 Community

2013-2014 Schedule of Calls Coaching Calls: 1 day/month 4 time blocks Open to all All Team Calls: 1 day/month 90 minutes Workgroup and/or Special Calls: Ad-hoc content specific calls Community Kick-off Call: End of September 2013 Community Wrap-up/Celebration Call: End of August 2014

How to Become a Member… Click on the enroll now button on our website: by September 1, 2013 (start of collaborative year) – All teams enrolled by August 1st will receive $100 discount off of membership


Membership Fees $15,000 per year per team A reduced rate of $7,500 per team per year applies to the following: – Federally-qualified health centers – Physician practices comprising of fewer than 20 physicians – Hospitals with an average daily census of fewer than 50 beds

Business case for joining collaborative: (aka how to fund your membership) Approach underwriters and risk management Incorporate into credentialing Work with IHI to break up payments Use these slides or slides from previous info call on our website Schedule a call with your leadership team and IHI perinatal faculty to bolster support

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