BSCI Honours 2016 Scholarship Application Form (doc 59kb)

March 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550), Feudalism
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Download BSCI Honours 2016 Scholarship Application Form (doc 59kb)...


Bachelor of Science Honours

Scholarship Application Form School of Environment Charles Darwin University Casuarina NT 0909 08 8946 6781 [email protected]

Submit completed form to [email protected] Ensure all supporting documentation is attached.

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☐ School of Engineering & IT ☐ School of Environment ☐ School of Health ☐ School of Psychological & Clinical Sciences ☐ Menzies School of Health Research

Proposed Supervisors Proposed Project Title Student GPA Supporting evidence attached

Description of previous research or project experience (max 250 words)

Description of career aspirations and/or reason for undertaking BSCI Honours (max 250 words)

I confirm I am not employed full time or receiving any other personal stipend or funding for this project. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct. Student Signature Date:

Faculty of EHSE Bachelor of Science Honours BSCI Honours Scholarship 2016 Guidelines The Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment (EHSE) is committed to supporting the Bachelor of Science Honours Program, and is pleased to announce a new initiative to support high achieving Honours Students. A number of scholarships are now available for 2016, valued at $3000 each. Funds awarded are for individual use and not project operational costs. Honours scholarships are open to any student enrolling in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) course, and are available from a variety of disciplines, including environmental sciences, psychological and clinical sciences, health sciences and information technology.

Important Dates for 2016 Scholarships Applications open: 1st December 2015 Applications close: 20th February 2016

Eligibility To be eligible, applicants must have:  Applied to the BSCI Honours program to commence or continue 2016 (semester 1 or 2)  A mutually agreed supervisor and project  Shown a sustained pattern of academic achievement through their studies  Not be employed full-time  Not receiving a stipend or scholarship from other sources for their Honours program (excluding any operational or project support funds)

Guidelines for applications To apply for a scholarship, the student should complete the attached BSCI Honours Scholarship Application Form. Note the scholarship category being applied for and the proposed project details. The application form includes space for supporting statements around previous experience. To discuss a scholarship application or honours program application please email the Acting Honours Coordinator, Associate Professor Alison King: [email protected] Successful applicants will be informed by week 3 of Semester 1 2015 via email. Payments will be received within 30 days after the relevant census date and enrolment is confirmed.

Submit Honours Scholarship applications to [email protected]


SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT T. +61 8 8946 6781 | E. [email protected]

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