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Thinking of studying a BTEC in Business?


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Business Could you be the next…Tim Campbell, MBE?

The first apprentice to be hired by Lord Alan Sugar, he has gone on to become founder of Bright Ideas Trust, which gives young entrepreneurs a chance to start up in business with equity funding and advice from business experts.

2005: Won The Apprentice earning £100,000 salary.


2007: Set up Bright Ideas Trust to help budding entrepreneurs.

2007: Became a Social Enterprise Ambassador as part of a government initiative that aims to apply modern business solutions to social and environmental problems.

2012: Made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to enterprise culture.

Thinking of studying a BTEC in Business? In this presentation you’ll find


Working in the Business sector The skills and knowledge you need What you’ll learn studying a BTEC

Where can BTEC take you? My story… Kirsty Fishwick, BTEC Business Student of the Year Your career choices with a BTEC

Why choose a BTEC? Recognised by universities and employers Your journey through education Succeed with BTEC A ‘real world’ approach to learning

Who can help me? Ask your teacher and find out more

Working in the Business Sector


Working in the Business sector The Skills you need Alongside your business skills, you’ll need:


Digital skills

Internet research, using applications for presenting ideas or producing an ePortfolio

Creative skills

Finding innovative business solutions or presenting ideas in a compelling way

Communication skills

Across many functions such as HR, customer services, sales and marketing

BTEC Business What you’ll learn

BTEC in Business teaches the knowledge and skills you need to work in business

Learn about different types of business and their place in the diverse world of business


Investigate factors affecting a start-up business and assess the potential risks

Apply numeracy skills for business management such as budgeting, planning and making a profit

Why choose BTEC?


Why choose BTEC? 5 reasons

Recognised by schools, colleges, universities and employers


Progress to further education, training and employment


Present your work in a variety of ways


Practical, real-world approach to learning

Assessment happens throughout the course




Your journey through education and training BTEC Firsts can be studied as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, either alongside GCSE or as part of a Study Programme.

Qualification Map Further Education

Higher Education BTEC Apprenticeships Employment

Level 3 (Key Stage 5)

BTEC Nationals

A Levels (GCE)

Levels 1 & 2 (Key Stage 4)

BTEC Firsts


BTEC Entry 3/Level 1


After completing a BTEC First, learners can go on to study BTEC Nationals, A levels or a combination of the two.

Succeed with BTEC


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A ‘real world’ approach to learning With BTEC, you'll be assessed throughout the course, on a range of assignments, rather than in one final exam BTECs let you present your work in a way that suits your style and makes the best of what you produce

Producing posters and leaflets to promote a business

Being observed in a role play or in a real work situation


Website or an ePortfolio – an online bank of your work

Giving a presentation to an audience

Where can BTEC take you?


Outstanding BTEC Business and Enterprise Student Kirsty Fishwick Kirsty’s BTEC Experience • Working independently and as part of a team • Talking to entrepreneurs and business leaders • Inspiration for work placement and university Where next for Kirsty? • Currently studying BTEC Level 3 in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship • Will be attending Durham University to study Business Management

Kirsty Fishwick 12

BTEC Business opens doors to careers as. . .

Web Analyst

Project Manager



Marketing Manager

Who can help me?


Talk to your teacher to find out more about BTEC in Business


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