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Welcome to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Orientation Days 20 & 21 Sep 2013

Weather forecast


Orientation Day 20 Sep 2013

Program 14h00-14h15

Welcome word by Prof. Dr. Jan Cornelis, Vice- Rector International Policy VUB


Info session on studying & living in Brussels


Campus Tour


Welcome Drink @ KK


Orientation Days 20 & 21 Sep 2013 PowerPoint presentation: MY.VUB (E-tools, Education, Student facilities) Under ‘Arrival in Brussels’


Welcome! Info session on studying & living in Brussels

1. Vrije Universiteit Brussel 2. International Relations and Mobility Office

3. Settling in Brussels 4. Campus Facilities 5. Life in Brussels


Vrije Universiteit Brussel •

° 1970 (offshoot of French-speaking Université Libre de Bruxelles, ° 1834)

Rector Prof. Dr. Paul De Knop

2 campuses: Main Campus Etterbeek Medical Campus & University Hospital Jette

8 faculties

academic year 2012-2013: more than 12.000 students

More than 20% international students


Vrije Universiteit Brussel Higher Education Structure • • • •

Bachelors Masters Advanced Masters Doctoral Bachelor Paper, Master Thesis

Study Credit System Credit Points / ECTS 1 academic year: 60 credit points


IRMO International Relations and Mobility Office –IRMOWhat •international student services at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel •study abroad opportunities for Belgian students •international initiatives by students in Brussels •development cooperation •international programmes such as Erasmus Mundus, Lifelong Learning Programme or LLP, Tempus Tacis, Jean Monnet, Asia Link, etc. •… Pleinlaan 5, 1050 Brussels, Ground Floor

Where Contact

1. Front desk office hours 2. Appointment with specific officer 3. E-mail: [email protected] ; Tel.: +32 (0) 2 614 81 01



Opening hours




9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.


9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.


9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.



9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.



9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.



Info files: -

Banking Commune registration Emergency numbers Housing Insurance Language learning Leisure Shopping Taxes Transport



Settling in Brussels Housing

No rooms on VUB-campuses

Housing in the private sector

→ Website: -

Br(ik -Brussel & ik-: => Search engine

→ Questions: -

Br(ik IRMO


Settling in Brussels Housing

 Rents in Brussels are relatively high  Short stay – semester – year

 Room : +/- 400 Euro  Small apartment: +/- 550 Euro  Fire insurance (IRMO)  Third-party liability (ING bank)


Settling in Brussels Housing

! Contract: make clear arrangements with your landlord ! → How to end the contract? → Subletting? → Electricity, gas, internet,.. : included? → Deposit? → Registration residence permit?


Settling in Brussels Registering

 Short type residence (max. 3 months) -

EU : no registration required


Non-EU: report to commune ‘Declaration of Arrival’ –Model 24 –within 8 days after arrival

 Long type residence -

EU: registration at commune within 3 months after arrival, option ID-card


Non-EU: registration after singing a rental contract, ID-card valid for duration of academic program/funding (in general 1 academic year)


Settling in Brussels Registering

Required documents for ID-card application: -

Rental contract National ID / Passport with type D visa Registration Certificate from VUB European Insurance Card Proof of solvability (scholarship, savings, loan, job)

- Sometimes: Birth Certificate, Certificates of Civil Status or Good Conduct Procedure -

Contact Foreigners Department at town hall + request an appointment Local Police Check Belgian ID-card: delivered 2 – 6 months Different procedures per commune!


Campus facilities Student Information Hub

Building D, entrance hall Pleinlaan 2 - 1050 Brussels Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm [T] + 32 (0)2 629 20 10 [E] [email protected]


Campus facilities Student Card Issued after online registration Any errors on your card: contact the Student Administration Center, building Y

When to use your student card?     

to buy meals in the VUB restaurant to buy a VUB sports card to access the VUB library access to VUB Webmail and Pointcarré to obtain (in some cases) a discount when using public transport (-26 ), cinema,…


Campus facilities On campus -First Aid- registration Do you need assistance with your enrolment and/or course registration? Starting from 16 September you can get on-campus assistance in Etterbeek Where can you find them? 16/09 - 20/09: 21/09:

building E, room 1.7 (09:00am-4:00pm, except September 18 from 1:00pm) building E, room 1.7 (12:00am-4:00pm)

23/09 - 27/09:

building E, room 1.5 (09:00am-4:00pm)

30/09 - 03/10:

building E, room 1.5 (09:00am-4:00pm)


Campus facilities Computing Facilities Free access to internet and an e-mail account for every student How to log in? → Student card: personal pin code & enrolment number Activation procedure: → You can find the activation procedure on the web page: → Network access activated within 24 hours You can access your VUB e-mail directly on the server, anywhere in the world, via webmail ( First [email protected] (e.g. [email protected])


Campus facilities Computing Rooms Campus Etterbeek Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty

of of of of

Humanities: Room B002 to B006 Engineering: 3K110, 3K115, 3K116, 3K125 Science and Bio-engineering Sciences: 1E001 to 1E005, 1E007 Physical Education and Physiotherapy: L2.19 (7 PCs)

Campus Jette Building A: first floor and library

Free print credit: 100 pages/academic year


Campus facilities Free WIFI Campus Etterbeek - 3 networks 

Vubnet: VUB’s wireless network for students and staff

Eduroam: an international project that allows users of other institutions to log into wireless networks using the username and password they use in their own institution

Urbizone: Wifi on offer to the general public within the Brussels-Capital Region On campus Jette wireless internet is available in the library and the Centre for Study and Guidance

More info: MY.VUB


Campus facilities E-learning with Pointcarré -

E-learning platform of VUB

1) 2) 3) 4)

Tools for: Exchanging course material Organizing group work Sending announcements Using discussion boards

Students can consult their course websites by logging in on Pointcarré with their VUBnet-account



Campus facilities Library Campus Etterbeek Building B & C, 1st floor Campus Jette Building A, ground floor and 1st floor Opening hours: check libraries To borrow books from the library you will need your student card


Campus facilities Student Restaurants • •

• •

Campus Etterbeek Student Cafeteria, building R Other meeting/lunch places: Opinio ‘t Complex KultuurKaffee Campus Jette Student Cafetaria, building R Other meeting/lunch places: Sportopolis => Meals of the World => Thursday: Veggie day


Campus facilities The English Table, El Rincón español, Tavola Italiano, Table française, Nederlands Taaltafel, Deutscher Stammtisch

Want to meet new people, speak English and enjoy lunch in a laidback, friendly atmosphere?

¿Te gusta conocer a nueva gente, hablar español y comer en buena compañía?

Ti piace conoscere nuove persone, parlare italiano e mangiare in buona compagnia?


Campus facilities Language Tables Place and time:  Starting on Monday 30 September 2013  During lunchtime from 12h15 until 13h45  Downstairs in the restaurant, Campus Etterbeek English Table


Nederlands Taaltafel


Tavola Italiano


Deutscher Stammtisch


Table Française

Jeudi (13-14h)

Rincón Español



Campus facilities Language Learning → ITO or Inter-departmental Language Centre Campus Etterbeek Building E Access depending on your VUB Bachelor/Master Program More info: → Brussels Education Center or CVO Campus Etterbeek Building D, room D.1.33 Not free of charge Day, evening and Saturday classes More info: ! Registration fall 2013: until 26 Sep 2013! Online registration for 2nd semester courses: start november 2013 Pag.27

Campus facilities


Campus facilities Culture and Leisure on campus The KultuurKaffee or KK and Galery’ (building Y, Campus Etterbeek) -

Exhibitions Concerts Comedy Creative workshops Parties

International Students @ VUB Facebook


Campus facilities Sports & Fitness •

A whole range of sports can be played at both campuses

A comprehensive booklet is available at the sport centers of both campuses. 1) Club card:

22,5 Euro for participation in sports programme

2) Health City Fitness pass: 250 Euro/year or 90 Euro/month More info: visit the Sports Center in building L (Campus Etterbeek)


Campus facilities Medical Care Both campuses provide medical assistance to students Medical assistance offered: - General Medical Care: €23/consultation (cash) Mo > Fr: 8 am – 8 pm Make an appointment online. - Dentist: Tu > Th: 8.30 am – 7 pm - Nursing Services & Vaccination - Blood Tests - Gynaecologist 

Campus Etterbeek: Building Y (entrance Y2), Tel: 02 629 23 00 or appointment via website Campus Jette: Building Agora


Campus Facilities Need to go to a hospital: University Hospital VUB -Jette (Campus Jette)


In case of emergency: 112 Pag.

ICE-number mobile phone (In Case of Emergency, contact person)


Campus facilities Other student services 

CAW Mozaiek at Campus Etterbeek (Building Y3) ->legal and psychological support & mediation [email protected] Possible to have an appointment at Medical Campus in Jette

Study Guidance Center (SGC) -> Study skills, study orientation, studying with specifc needs -> Advice on planning and study methods, questions about exams,… -> Building F, Campus Etterbeek -> Workshops: Study Skills, Tuesday 15/10, 6-8pm Exam Skills, Wednesday 27/10, 12-2pm


Campus facilities Do you want a job in Belgium? Questions about working in Belgium, work permits, your rights as a worker? → Job Service: Campus Etterbeek - Building Y Open from Monday- Friday, 1.30pm - 5pm


Non-European students are required to have a category C work permit


Employers in Brussels very often need bilingual French/Dutch workers


Campus facilities

• Guidance in finding internships in Brussels and abroad

• Assist you in finding first career opportunities • Coach your application skills Contact: Building B, Campus Etterbeek W: E: [email protected] Pag.

Campus facilities Technology Transfer Interface Brussels Gateway between the university’s research and expertise and the industry and society

 Starter seminars: - the fundamentals of business & (technology) entrepreneurship - 11 sessions on Tuesday, 6.15 – 9.15pm, English-taught, Campus Etterbeek (start 1/10/13) - Students VUB: € 50 Pag.

Sustainable development ° 2011: policy of strategic planning → Action plans  Energy audits, projects to reduce consumption  Student restaurants: Project sustainable mass catering, Reduction of waste, Thursday Veggie day Fair trade products, etc.  Veggie garden on campus  Bio vegetable/fruit packages for students & employees  Sustainable mobility (Fietspunt) Pag.39

Sustainable development  Separate collection of waste: - Garbage bags: Yellow bags Blue bags White bags -

Glass bottles & jars Vegetable/Fruit/Garden waste Batteries Large pieces of garbage

→ Incorrect collection of waste: high fine! → Illegal dumping: forbidden by law, high fine!


Kick-off the Campus

• Tuesday 24/09, 12-15h:

Info Market, Campus Etterbeek + BX Soccer Games

•Wednesday 25/09, 12-14h:

Introduction – Belgian Political Structure

• Wednesday 2/10, 12-14h:

How to survive in Brussels: an intercultural perspective

• Thursday 3/10, 12-14h:

Belgian [email protected]

And many more activities… (karaoke, parties, sports, etc.)


Life in Brussels


Life in Brussels Public Transport in Brussels 

MIVB / STIB: Metro, Bus, Tram Website: No public transport during the night on weekdays! During the weekend: Noctis night busses Public Transport Passes: 1 ride, 10 rides, a day pass, a monthly pass, a year pass (Prices: check website)

Rates: Monthly pass: €47.50; Year pass € 499; Student year pass € 120 ( < 25 years)


Life in Brussels Campus Etterbeek: Metro Petillon

Campus Jette: Metro Simonis + Bus 13, 14 (after 20h: Bus 15)


Life in Brussels Public Transport in Brussels  Belgian Railway Company or NMBS Website: (E) Ticket formulas: weekend ticket (-50%), Go Pass (-26,

€50), Railpass (+26, €74),… 

Bicycles Second-hand bicycles at the Midi Sunday Market Sports shops (e.g. Decathlon) Villo! ( (E))


Life in Brussels Shopping Opening hours: 9am – 6pm, most shops are closed on Sundays Main shopping street: Rue Neuve/ Nieuwstraat Shopping Centers: City 2, Woluwe Shopping, Westland Shopping Centre Supermarkets Main supermarket chains: Colruyt, Carrefour, Delhaize, Aldi, Lidl,… Markets (Fruits and Vegetables) Gare du Midi (large Sunday Market) (until 1pm) Place Jourdan Market Place Jette Clemenceau Market … Pag.

Life in Brussels Main bookshops Fnac, City 2 shopping centre The European Bookshop

Sterling Books Waterstones Filigranes Kitchen utensils and bed linen Shops: Wibra, Hema, Zeeman, Blokker, Casa,… Furniture and home decoration IKEA ( (Anderlecht, Metro COOVI, line 5)


Life in Brussels Concerts Ancienne Belgique: Botanique: Vorst Nationaal: Theatre

→ English performances Kaaitheater: Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg: Opera De Munt: Cinema UGC (De Brouckère & Toison d’Or) : Kinepolis (Heysel) : Vendôme Pag.

Belgium & Europe Travelling around in Belgium & Europe Don’t forget to visit: Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, Namur,…. Offical holiday periods: Christmas holidays (2 weeks), 1 week after the exams in January, Easter holidays (2 weeks), Summer holidays (July – September) → Check the VUB Academic Calendar! ID card or visa: Valid multiple entry visa type D Pag.

Belgium & Europe Travelling around in Europe 

Cheap flight tickets Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, Connections, Airstop, Neckermann, Jetair, ..

International trains Thalys, TGV, … (Railway Station ‘Gare du Midi’)


Eurolines (Railway Station ‘Gare du Nord’) 

Taxistop Pag.

International Student Associations -


Campus Tour 21 Sep 2013  Color card  Esplanade: look for tour guide with your color  [email protected] (1 free drink: soft drink/regular beer)



Brussels City Tour  Meeting 14h30, Grand Place, Brussels city center  Color card  Look for the VUB tour guides, bright blue t-shirt, on Grand Place with color sign  Grand Place: Metro stop ‘Gare Centrale’ or ‘Parc’, line 1 & 5



Welcome the World Party  Welcome the World [email protected] RITS Café Start: 21h Rue A. Dansaert 70, 1000 Brussels Metro ‘Sainte Cathérine’ (line 1 & 5) Together with our association partner school ‘Erasmushogeschool Brussel’ (EHB) Dance the night away…!!!  VUBMUN, ESN VUB-EhB


Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Scholarship Holders (Medastar, Lotus III, Marco XXI) Meeting Saturday 21 Sep 2013 13h00, Esplanade Ms. Ann-Sophie Vanderschueren Ms. Marie Aurousseau


Exchange Exchange students (Erasmus, Science without Borders, ASEM DUO)

Meeting Saturday 21 Sep 2013 13h30, Room D.0.05 Ms. Nikki Van Tendeloo Ms. Deborah Gies


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Enjoy your stay at our university and in Brussels!


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