Cancer Centers and Hospitals Working Together

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Cancer Centers and Hospitals Working Together to Maximize Fundraising Mary Ellen Connellan Executive Director, University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Peter T. Lamothe Director of Development Yale Cancer Center Karen Paciero Associate Vice-President & Campaign Director Medical and Biological Sciences Development University of Chicago Medicine

April 25, 2013

Overview  Participant Input/Survey Results  Session Objectives  Case Studies • The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center • Yale Cancer Center

 Best Practices/Predictors of Success

NACCDO Survey: Question 1 “Your partnership is…” • 8% – Adversarial or no interaction with hospital colleagues • 31% – Occasional positive interaction with hospital colleagues • 23% – Frequent positive interaction (attend some planning meetings together) • 38% – Excellent partnership with regular interaction (participate in strategy sessions and collaborate in gift solicitations)

NACCDO Survey: Question 2 “When there is a conflict over which institution should manage a relationship with a donor, or when both institutions share stewardship of a donor, we resolve our differences by…” • Depends on the donor’s request • Department Chair or Center Director makes the decision • Discuss what the donor is likely to support with the largest gift • Two of us sit down and talk about it which usually works well • Assign one primary and one as secondary, then update notes and email to keep each other informed • Face-to-face discussion • Communication and good working relationship that results in the donors best interest

NACCDO Survey: Question 3 “Special topics to address…” • Effective collaborations – “How to share a larger pie rather than fighting over crumbs.” • Case studies – illustrations of collaborative opportunities parlayed into something… • Ways to encourage positive interaction, change in management, the Development office role and the roles of others • Visual types of recognition, plaques, lettering, etc.. • How to engage faculty to be proactive in fundraising even if earmarked for their department • Sharing best resources for fundraising events

Session Objectives What would you like to walk away knowing?

UCCRF & Biological Sciences Development Background Relationship in 2000 • No formal interaction

Relationship in 2013 • First joint Capital Campaign for cancer • Drafting a contractual agreement

A New Era • A Development Partnership • First Joint Capital Campaign for Cancer • UCCRF has a significant prospect pipeline • Spirit of Collaboration

Cancer Centers and Hospitals Working Together to Maximize Fundraising

Peter Lamothe Director of Development Yale Cancer Center


Yale Cancer Center & YNHH Background • Pre-2007 • Institutional history • Smilow Cancer Hospital Campaign 2007-10 • $100M joint campaign of YCC/YNHH

A New Era New YCC Director/SCH Physician-in-Chief Newer YNHH VP Development Collaborative-oriented CDO @ YCC Key players - Commitment to work together - Pilot new institutional relationship in cancer - Closer to Free - Annual fund - Events - MG prospects

Closer to Free (CTF) • Throw out the bias/prejudice • Establish “cancer” goals • Standing meetings - CTF steering - YCC/YNHH development, marketing, pr and cancer leadership • • • •

Issues/Stumbling Blocks Resolutions Remaining Challenges Future

Best Practices/Key Elements for Success 1.

Identify common goals. (dollars raised, prospects identified, case development, facilities project.)


Identify similarity and differences between the two organizations.


Identify the motivations or conversely the “pain points” of your partner


Secure leadership buy in


Shared fundraising credit


Communication structure for productive interactions


Create a culture of trust and collaboration

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