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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Loughborough Students’ Union

Union Affairs Committee Candidates Pack 2014-15

The role of Union Affairs Committee is to act as a regulating and procedural body for the Union’s activities. The people elected will make sure that: • elections are run fairly and well • our disciplinary procedures are effective and fair • our constitution and other rules are let everyone concerned have a fair say in decision making There are 15 student positions which are to be elected in a cross-campus ballot. Any student of Loughborough University or Loughborough College who has not opted out of Union membership may stand in the election. If elected, candidates must be available for regular meetings (monthly) and Student Forums (6 times a year). They may also be required to serve occasionally on subcommittees and working groups. In charge of the running of the election is Returning Officer, Liam Peoples (VP Union Affairs). He will be your first point-of-call for any issues or questions that the website cannot answer. Feel free to contact him at [email protected]

“This may not be the most glamorous committee but it is one of the most important. We need people who are committed to making sure the Union runs properly and involves as many people as possible” Liam Peoples VP Union Affairs Loughborough Students’ Union LE11 3TT 01509635005

Dates and Times Nominations: Opens online at from 12:00pm on Thursday 8th October and 12:00pm. To nominate themselves candidates must submit: • Candidate’s personal details • Proposer and Seconder details • 250 word manifesto with the option of adding a photo of themselves All printing must be done through Loughborough Students’ Union. If candidates want to their artwork via email to [email protected] or in hard copy to the Union reception by on Monday 13th October. No additional money is to be spent on campaigning or campaign

Withdrawal Deadline The withdrawal deadline will be midnight on Tuesday 14th October. Candidates must email permanent member of election staff Sue Lucas, by midnight.

Campaigning: Opens from 08:00 on Wednesday 15th October. Closes at 18:00 on Friday 17th October.

Voting: Opens online at on Monday 20th October at 09:00. Close on Tuesday 21st October at 12:00pm

Results: Results will be announced on Tuesday 21st October at 16:00pm at

Rules Nominations 4.1 Any full member of the Union may nominate themselves as a candidate. 4.2 Nominations must be filled in online at 4.3 All nominations must be proposed and seconded by a full member of the already running in the same election. Members of the Students’ Union Executive candidates. 4.4 Candidates must submit a manifesto of 250 words along with the and seconder, they also have the option of adding a photo of themselves. 4.5 Elections committee will ratify the nominations after the close of the

Campaigning 4.6 Candidates may not publicise their candidacy in any way before 8am on October. This includes publishing any campaign material of any sort. 4.7 There shall be no sabotaging any other candidate’s campaigns. 4.8 Lecture shout outs are permitted at the discretion of the lecturer; verbal confirmation from the lecturer before speaking to a lecture hall. 4.9 No campaign emails will be sent to/from any university/union “”, “”, “”, “” or any other inappropriate. 4.10 Candidates must attend all official elections meetings and events Returning Officer. If unable to do so candidates must give a minimum of 24

Publicity 4.11

All manifestos and photos will be displayed online throughout the

Voting 4.12 Voting shall take place in accordance with Standing Order G: Web 4.13 ‘No Candidate’ shall be entered in all elections treated as if it were 4.14 Candidates are banned from creating private ballot boxes including laptops, mobile phones etc. 4.15 Voting will accessible from

Voting. another candidate. the use of iPads,

Budget 4.16 The total resources in cash and kind be spent on a candidate’s campaign must not exceed £10. 4.17 No campaign may receive sponsorship in any form. 4.18 All printing must be done through Union reception, no additional printing is allowed. Artwork for material must be submitted to Union reception or emailed to [email protected] before the close of th nominations at 12:00 on Monday 13 October.


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