Captioning and ADA Compliance in Higher Education

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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ADA/504 Compliance • Driving the conversation: • Focus on Alternative Media & AT

• “Effective As” Communication • “Substantially Equivalent Ease Of Use”

“Effective As” Communication Paul Grossman – California Community Colleges

• In construing the conditions under which

communication is as effective as that provided to nondisabled persons, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has held that the three basic components of effectiveness are: • timeliness of delivery, • accuracy of the translation, and

• provision in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance

of the message and the abilities of the individual with the disability

“Substantially Equivalent Ease Of Use” • the DCL provides a functional definition of accessibility for

students who are blind or have low vision. Under this definition, • these students must be afforded the opportunity to acquire the same

information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as sighted students. • In addition, although this might not result in identical ease of use

compared to that of students without disabilities, • it still must ensure equal access to the educational benefits and

opportunities afforded by the technology and equal treatment in the use of such technology. The DCL uses the term “substantially equivalent ease of use” to describe this concept. Page 2, 2011 DCL/FAQ.

Alternative Media Formats • Captioning • Environments and types of delivery • Standards • Who should be captioning? • Resources • Alt Format Textbooks • Attendee Survey • The most meaningful resource • Various Resources

Captioning • Attendee Survey • Environments and types of delivery • Standards

• Who should be captioning? • Resources

Environments and types of delivery • Asynchronous • Classroom/Lab

• Canned captioning

• Creator, Vendor, etc. • Online • Canned captioning • Creator, Vendor, etc.

Environments and types of delivery • Synchronous • Classroom

• Broadcast/CART • Canned captioning • Hybrid

• Broadcast/CART • Canned captioning • Online

• Broadcast/CART • Canned captioning

Standards • WCAG 2.0

Captions (pre-recorded)

Captions (Live) • Described and Captioned Media Program

Who Should Be Captioning? • We all should be captioning (distribution of

resources)? Content creators Distance Learning/Instructional Technologist Disability Services Marketing PR Tech Center/College/University System

Star Trek! • The wish for speech recognition lecture capture • Some models use dictation to transcript to

captioning software • “accuracy of the translation” • National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) and the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) 98% accuracy on transcripts (industry standard)

Captioning Resources • A State Model - High Tech Center Training Unit •

main.htm • Vendors (content) • Ask the content provider for captioning • Vendors (aftermarket/outsourced production) • • Approved Captioning Service Vendors – DCMP • YouTube Ready Qualified Captioning Vendors – DCMP

Captioning Resources • Software • Apps for Captioning


ology/Wireless/47850-The-best-phone-captioningapps-for-the-hearing-impaired • MovieCaptioner • • Camtasia Studio •

Alternative Media Formats • Is the most meaningful resource a

centralized source for captioning and alternative format textbooks?

Alt Format Textbooks • Attendee Survey • The most meaningful resource

• Adopting the current national model • High Tech Center Training Unit Alternate Media • When will book vendors provide Alt Format? • Various Resources

Alternative Format Resources Textbooks HTCTU Alternate Media • • Alternative Text Resources - Boston University • National Library Service for the Blind and Physically

Handicapped (NLS) • • TN LBPH

• American Printing House for the Blind (APH) • • Bookshare •

Alternative Format Resources Textbooks • Bartleby • • • • • Biblomania Classic Bookshelf The Internet Public Library Helpful Humanities Resources The University of Virginia's Electronic Text Collection

Alternative Format Resources Textbooks • Online Books Page • • • • • PennState's Online Book Page Project Guttenberg SafariX ePub

Free AT? • Free v. Fee Software: • Attendee survey • Free magnification and screen reading

simultaneously? (magnification with speech) • System Access To Go & MS Magnifier

• Native or Third Party • AT - there is a reason why it costs

AT Resources • • •

• Free assistive technology RNIB • •


News from CSUN • Native or Third Party AT • Web App or Platform App • 508 and App development • textHELP in Google Docs • AccessNote • AccessNote is the official iOS notetaker from the American Foundation for the Blind.

AT Apps – Robbie Melton

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