Censorship By: Eric Drooker

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Media
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Presentation By: Austin Cummins

Purpose? The purpose of this visual is to show how the media censors us from what’s really going on in the world and that there is always someone behind the censorship.

Audience? This image is attended to appeal to everyone but it keys in on people who seek the truth and those who spend a lot of time watching or reading the news and use that as a hard fact.

Intentions? This image was created to make you realize that not every thing you hear or read is the truth and that you shouldn’t rely on all information from the media instead you should seek the truth on your own.


The artist used a mans face to represent the people who listen to the news and also those who know the truth, the two hands over the eyes mean that they keep the general public from hearing the truth and the hand over the mouth shows they keep people from telling the whole truth, he put newspaper articles on the sleeves of the hands to show that the media is doing the dirty work and censoring the news and the hands represent the people behind the censoring of the news.

Composition Factors The artist only made five of the words from the newspaper article readable to emphasize that you only read what they want you to read and the rest of the story is hidden.


This image is ethically appealing by showing that people are hiding something from you and if you’re the type of person that tells the truth all the time then you would want others to do the same.

Pathos? This image is emotionally appealing because it makes people angry that they are being lied to by a source that they count on for everyday news.

Logos? This image is logically appealing because you know that lying is wrong and finding out your being lied to makes you want to find the culprit behind it and expose them.

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