Certified Patient Service Specialist  Program Mission

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Ophthalmology
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Elevate Your Nonclinical Staff to National Professional Status


To establish a national standard of excellence that recognizes and promotes the professionalism of nonclinical staff by providing certification and continuing education focused on increasing the quality of patient care.

Why is certification important? Establishes those who hold the Certified Patient Service Specialist® credential as recognized professionals in the medical practice Creates a national standard of proficiency for nonclinical staff

Recognizes and creates growth opportunities for experienced staff and offers a professional development pathway for new employees Provides a potential competitive advantage for the practice in third-party contracting

Why is certification important? Establishes an expectation for continuing education through the recertification process Indicates a high level of competency and commitment to patients

Offers a tangible employee benefit that supports staff retention Highlights the encouragement and support of the physicians and administration

Practice Registration Process 4. Practice provides continued support to employees by offering continuing education opportunities 3. Practice receives login information and detailed instructions via email within one business day of registration 2. Practice submits application and one-time registration fee, as well as any individual applicant fees for each employee

1. Practice makes commitment to support program

Certification Requirements Staff Member… Is a member of a participating medical practice. Has at least one year of experience in a medical eye care practice. Completes a certification application and receives manager approval. Completes computerized certification exam with score of 80% or better. Is notified of results and certification status after taking the exam.

Employee Certification Process Receives username and password with detailed instructions via email after practice has registered and paid individual application fee

Reviews study guides and courses available on the CPSS website or other outside resources

Completes computerized certification test with 130 questions (while supervised by administrator)

Employees are notified of official test results immediately upon completion of the exam

Pass: Score of 80% or better.

Retake: Score of 79% or less.

Employee will receive a certificate of recognition and certification pin.

Employee will need to retake the CPSS certification test.

Recertification Requirements Applicant must… Reapply for certification every 3 years. Document at least 15 hours of continuing education (with supervisor approval) in the 3-year certification period. Retake the certification test if certification is not renewed on or before the expiration of certification.

Areas of Knowledge Human Resources OSHA


Spelling of Commonly Used Words

Customer Service/ Practice Standards

Eye Exams/Triaging Ocular Emergencies

Insurance/Billing/ Coding

Common Ophthalmic Diagnoses Scope of Practice/ Optical Dispensary

Abbreviations of Medical Terminology

Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye

Ophthalmic Facilities and Equipment

Resources Available CPSS Recommended Study Guides (Basic):

Basic Training Courses

Optical Dispensary Regulatory and Compliance Courses OSHA HIPAA

Medicare Basics Fundamentals of Diagnosis Coding Telephone Skills Training

Resources Available CPSS  Recommended Study Guides (Intermediate):

Maximizing Practice Collections (4-part series)

Triaging Ocular Emergencies Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye

Benefits of Certification Recognition of knowledge and accomplishments by peers, physicians, administrative staff, and patients Certificate acknowledging accomplishments Certification pin Induction into a growing association of professionals—Certified Patient Service Specialist® designees

Opportunities for continuing education and professional growth

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Make a commitment for your practice to join the exciting CPSS program.

Elevate your nonclinical staff to national professional status now!

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