Ch 10, section 1 Power Point Review

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Chapter 10 Canada Section 1 Ontario and Quebec: Bridging Two Cultures

The boundary between Ontario and Quebec is formed by the Ottawa River.

The primary language spoken in Ontario is English.

French is the primary language ...

…spoken in Quebec.

Canada’s head of state is known as the monarch of Britain.

Canada’s head of government is known as the Prime Minister. Stephen Harper is the current PM of Canada, shown on the top left with the queen, and the bottom right. Pierre Trudeau was a popular Prime Minister, shown on the bottom left.

Since it was located on the border between Ontario and Quebec,

Ottawa was chosen capital of Canada.

Toronto has a diverse population of many ethnic backgrounds which include Chinese, British, Italian, First Nation, Portuguese, East Indian, German, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian and French.

First Nation ceremony reenactment

Jacques Cartier

People in Quebec have French ancestors going back to the earliest European settlers. Although the French were defeated by the British, tens of thousands remained in the area, as colonists.

During the 1960s, Francophones had a great concern that their language and culture might die from the region.

The goal of Quebec’s separatists was to break away from the rest of Canada and become an independent country.

Reviewing Key Terms federation Francophone Quiet Revolution

Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories are united in a federation.

Many residents of Quebec are people who speak French as their first language, which makes them Francophones

When great changes were made peacefully in Quebec’s government, it was called a Quiet Revolution.

Separatists are people who want Quebec to become an independent country.

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