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Chapter 13, Section 2 FEUDALISM IN EUROPE


the Treaty of Verdun  Constant Fighting – Invasions by Magyars, Muslims and Vikings  *While the Vikings launched repeated assaults on W. Europe, causing fear and disruption, they also created trade routes and settlements


*The political system that developed in Europe, which provided the framework that allowed the people to survive the breakdown of central government and order. *Lasted for 600 to 800 years because the system clearly organized people’s rights and duties

FEUDALISM Military and political system based on land ownership and loyalty.  *The growth of feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages was primarily due to the collapse of strong central governments because aristocrats provided some law and order in exchange for service 


System based on mutual obligation – *Relationships among groups of people were clearly defined in social classes because weak national government lacked the ability to provide law and order.

LORD - Noble Landowner  FIEF – piece of land granted by the Lord 

FEUDALISM Lord-grants a fief in exchange for military protection & other services. Vassal-person who receives the fief Knight-defended Lord’s land in exchange for a fief

FEUDALISM SERFS – Peasants bound to the land. *Despite being bound to the land, their strong Christian faith kept them from leaving the harsh conditions Could not be sold


(peasants) paid high taxes & had a harsh life  Tithe-10% of income is given to the church  Fiefs are inherited by the eldest son. Effectyoung sons live with a relative & remain unmarried (undesirable b/c poor)

FEUDAL PYRAMID – SOCIAL AND POLITICAL • *Society is based on social classes • *European feudal system relied on the labor of peasants to support other social classes in exchange for • *Protection from the invaders • *Settlement of disputes • *Distribution of food

*Manor Economy Manor – The Lord's estate  *Agriculture is the major economic factor because of the availability of arable land  *Self Sufficient– had to produce everything they needed on the manor 

*Three Field System 

Divided the field into 3 parts. – One field grew soil depleting crop – One field grew soil replenishing crop – One field rested

Allowed them to produce more crops

MANOR  *Manorialism

develops as the economic system because of the lack of trade and selfsufficient communities

Feudalism Lord gives land, shelter, and protection to serfs in return for work.  Owning land gives power, wealth, and position  *The development of feudalism and manorialism filled a void that was created by the loss of the Roman imperial protection. 

Horrible Histories-Medieval War


Increased warfare in Europe

Feudal Lords were forced to defend their manor. Knights were rewarded with fiefs


Mounted Knightsmost important part of the army. • Saddles & Stirrups important technology for mounted warfare. •

Horrible Histories-I’m A Knight

*KNIGHTS CODE OF CHIVALRY* Chivalry=Code of Ideals 1. Fight Bravely

*KNIGHTS CODE OF CHIVALRY* 2. Devote yourself to feudal Lord, heavenly Lord, & your chosen Lady. 3. Loyal, Brave, & Courteous

Horrible History

Knight’s Tournaments- ”mock battles”

Castles 

Stone castles were encircled by massive walls and guard towers Castle was the home of the lord and lady, their family, knights, and servants It was a fortress designed for defense

*“The development, architecture and building of these great fortresses changed as time progresses, influenced by important historical events such as the crusades and technology of seige warfare”

Role of Women *Church viewed women as inferior to men, and were expected to be obedient to men.  Noble women could inherit land from her husband  When the husband was off to war, the woman could run the castle  But women could not receive land as a reward in exchange for military service 

Quick Review 1.

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6. 7.

What political system developed in Western Europe, which provided the framework that allowed the people to survive the breakdown of central government and order? Why did manorialism develop? Draw the feudal pyramid What role did aristocrats have in the development of feudalism? Why did feudalism last for 600-800 years? Despite being bound to the land, what kept the serfs from leaving the harsh conditions on the manor? Why was agriculture the major economic factor on the feudal manor

Quick Review Define self sufficient 9. What farming practice developed on the feudal manor? 10. Define mutal obligation 11. What was the role of women during the Middle Ages? 12. What type of architectural defensive structure developed during the middle ages? 8.

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