Ch 19: A World in Flames 1931-1941

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, World Wars And The Great Depression (1910-1945), Adolf Hitler
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Ch 19: A World in Flames 19311941

Section 1: America and the World

Fascism in Italy • Promoted by Benito Mussolini – Soldier in WWI

• Believed: – – – – –

that the nation is more important than the individual in the need of a dictator for order Expanding territory for strength Expanding the military Anti-communism

Mussolini • • • • • •

Protected private property Helped the middle class Employed the working class Gave out social security Used pride to get to the top Set up a dictatorship/got rid of democracy

Communists of Russia • Took over after WWI under Vladimir Lenin • Renamed Russia USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) • One party ruled the gov’t • Ignored personal freedom • Punished enemies of the state

Joseph Stalin • Took over in the USSR in 1926 • Increased factory production • Killed all those against his agenda – 8-10 million people were murdered

Nazi Party of Germany • National Socialist German Workers’ Party • Nationalistic • Anti-communist • Hated the Allies from WWI for how the Germans were treated/had to take the blame • WAS NOT STARTED BY HITLER • Was voted into power during the Depression

Adolf Hitler • Admired Mussolini • Arrested in 1923 after trying to overthrow the gov’t • Wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) – Wanted to unify the Germans – Wanted more land-take over Poland/Russia – Blamed Jews for Germany’s loss in WWI

Hitler’s Rise to Power • 1933: appointed prime minister of Germany – Gave orders for police to intimidate voters

• 1934: became president – Took the title of fuhrer “leader”

• 1935: started building up the military – Violation of the Treaty of Versailles

Militarism in Japan • 1920s-Japan was run by businesses – Depression limited growth – Rise in unemployment

• 1930s-Japanese officers wanted to expand Japan’s greatness to takeover China – Invaded China without gov’t permission – Killed Japan’s prime minister – Took over gov’t positions

America Wants Isolation • Stay out of the war because: – European countries were not repaying WWI debts – Believed U.S. was tricked into WWI by gun companies

• Neutrality Act of 1935: – Made it illegal for the U.S. to sell arms to any country at war

Germany, Italy, and Japan Become Allies in 1936 • Hitler pledged to help Mussolini during the Spanish Civil War (Rome-Berlin Axis) • Anti-Comintern Pact: – Japan became allies to Germany and Italy in exchange of information about communist groups

• Became known as the Axis powers in 1940

Neutrality Act of 1937 • Allowed countries at war to buy non-military goods from the U.S. • The countries had to pay cash for the goods and had to send ships to pick up the supplies • U.S. wanted to prevent another Lusitania Incident

Roosevelt’s Ideas • Wanted to end the Depression • Didn’t like isolationism (believes it will lead to war) • Supported internationalism: – Trade between nations creates prosperity and helps to prevent war

• Will send military supplies to China to fight Japan (non-war effort since Japanese gov’t didn’t declare war)

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