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James A. Henretta Rebecca Edwards Robert O. Self

America’s History Seventh Edition CHAPTER 28 Uncivil Wars: Liberal Crisis and Conservative Rebirth, 1964-1972 Copyright © 2011 by Bedford/St. Martin’s

I. The Great Society: Liberalism at High Tide A. John F. Kennedy’s Promise JFK inaugural


Lyndon B. Johnson the Liberal Resurgence 1. War on Poverty 2. The 1964 Election 3. Great Society Initiatives (pg. 887) 4. Assessing the Great Society

C. The Women’s Movement Reborn 1. Labor Feminists 2. Betty Friedan and the National Organization for Women

II. The War in Vietnam, 1963-1973 Escalation under Johnson 1. Gulf of Tonkin 2. Hanoi – Rolling Thunder 3. Saigon 4. Ho Chi Minh 5. “Hearts and minds” 6. Mekong River Nixon 7. Vietnamization 8. My Lai 9. Tet Offensive (1968) 10. Invasion of Cambodia 11. Christmas bombing 12. Paris Peace Accords 13. War Powers Act (1973) 14. Fall of Saigon (1975)

B. Public Opinion and the War 1. Television – the living room war 2. “Credibility Gap” – body counts, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings 3. Cost of the war and inflation 4. N.Y. Times v. United States (1970) C. Rise of the Student Movement 1. The New Left 2. Young Americans for Freedom 3. The Counterculture Jimi Hendrix

III. Days of Rage, 1968-1972 A. Blood in the Streets 1. The Tet Offensive 2. Political Assassinations

III. Days of Rage, 1968-1972 B. The Antiwar Movement and the 1968 Election 1. Democratic Convention 2. Richard Nixon 3. George Wallace 4. The Southern Strategy

III. Days of Rage, 1968-1972 C. The Nationalist Turn 1. Chicanos 2. Black Power D. Women’s Liberation 1. “Sisterhood” 2. “Sexual Politics”

III. Days of Rage, 1968-1972 E. Stonewall and Gay Liberation 1. “Come Out!” 2. Stonewall Inn

IV. Richard Nixon and the Politics of the Silent Majority A. Nixon’s War in Vietnam 1. Vietnamization and Cambodia 2. My Lai Massacre 3. Détente 4. Exit America B. 1972 Election 1. Democrats in Disarray 2. George McGovern

IV. Richard Nixon and the Politics of the Silent Majority C. Watergate and the Fall of a President 1. “Plumbers” 2. Impeachment

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