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Chapter 9 Section 1 I. Washington takes office A. Washington’s inauguration 1. April 30th Federal Hall, NYC 2. Vice President: John Adams

I. Washington takes office B. Set many precedents 1. Calling him Mr. President 2. Running just 2 terms 3. “So help me God” at the end of his oath 4. Appointing a cabinet– relying on them a lot! Secretary of War- Henry Knox Secretary of Treasury-Alexander Hamilton Secretary of State-Thomas Jefferson Attorney General- Edmond Randolph

I. Washington takes office C. Federal Judiciary Act 1798 1. Established a Court System 2. Gave the Supreme Court 6 members (1 chief and 5 associate) 3. Chief Justice was John Jay 4. Now we have 9 justices!

II. Economic Problems A. Hamilton needs to dig the country out of debt. B. His plan: 1. Pay off debts 2. Raise Government $ 3. Create a National Bank

II. Economic Problems C. Southern states had already paid off their debts, they did not want to help the northern states get out of debt. 1. Compromise: South helps pay off debts in exchange of a more southerly located capital.

II. Economic Problems D. Tariff is a tax placed on goods coming into the country E. Hamilton placed a tariff on foreign goods.

III. Interpreting the Constitution A. Jefferson was an anti federalist and feared a strong central government. 1. Strict constructionists– believe in interpreting the constitution just as it is written

III. Interpreting the Constitution B. Hamilton was a Federalist 1. Loose constructionists believe in a broad or flexible interpretation of the constitution.

IV. French Revolution A. France had been a monarchy. B. French Revolution 1. People rebelled to make it a democracy. C. England went to war with the democratic France.

IV. French Revolution D. USA had a tough decision to make 1. Would we help the democratic nation or would we remain neutral? a. Jefferson said help the democratic France. b. Hamilton said stay neutral. 2. Washington stayed neutral.

IV. French Revolution E. It was hard to remain neutral 1. Both sides kept seizing our ships. 2. Jay treaty-unsuccessful really. 3. Pinckney’s treaty did help smooth out problems with Spain.

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