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Chapter Seven

The American Revolution, 1776 1786

Part One


Chapter Focus Questions What were the major alignments and divisions among Americans during the American Revolution? What were the major military campaigns of the Revolution? What were the Articles of Confederation and what role did the Confederation Congress play during the Revolutionary War? How did the states serve as the setting for significant political change? What was the economic crisis in the aftermath of the American Revolution?

Part Two

A National Community Evolves at Valley Forge

Building a Community at Valley Forge Drawn from all parts of the country, approximately 11,000 men (including 1,000 African Americans) and 700 women gathered in Valley Forge. Amid the suffering, the men and women at Valley Forge created a a common identity and strong bonds among themselves. Leaving Valley Forge six months later, Washington commanded a much stronger and united army.

Part Three

The War for Independence

The Nature of American Resistance The British falsely assumed the colonial rebellion was the work of a small group of disgruntled conspirators. Resistance was widespread and geography stymied British strategy. 1500 miles of coast and 100 miles deep Resistance popped up when one area defeated

The War for Independence Colonials Advantages

British Advantages



Fighting on home ground 2. Good generals 3. Fighting for their rights 4.

Alliance with France

Well supplied and well trained army 2. Lots of resources and capacity to boost further 3. Strong Central Government 4. 9 million to colonist 2.5 million

The War for Independence Colonial Disadvantages

British Disadvantages


1. 2.

Untrained soldiers, small army 2. Food and ammunition lacking 3. Weak and divided government 4. Little $ 5. No uniforms for soldiers

3. 4. 5.

Fighting on foreign turf Fighting far away from resources Half hearted domestic support for war Reluctance to spill more blood Enemies closer to home so will fight harder

The Patriot Forces American victory required a disciplined force able to stand up to the brutal assaults of the professionallytrained British adversaries. Regiments of the Continental Army suffered casualty rates as high as 40%. 100K served. Others in militia 350K men, 200K saw action.
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