Chapter 17 Section 4 THE HOME FRONT

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, World Wars And The Great Depression (1910-1945), World War II
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Chapter 17 Section 4 THE HOME FRONT Main Idea: After World War II, Americans adjusted to new economic opportunities and harsh social tensions.

HOW DID THE WAR AND ITS IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH AFFECT THE FOLLOWING? Labor, Agriculture, Population Centers, Family Life, and Returning GIs

LABOR Unemployment fell Average weekly paychecks rose Women entered the workforce in record numbers/forced out after the war Women & minorities offered better pay

AGRICULTURE Farm machinery and fertilizers improved Crop prices, crop production, and farm income increased Farmers were able to pay off mortgages

Population Centers Population of cities and states with military bases and defense industries increased

Family Life Number of women juggling work and family increases dramatically Marriage rate increased

Returning GI’s GI Bill of Rights increased standard of living –Provided free education and job training –Provided federal loan guarantees for homes, farms, and businesses


AFRICAN AMERICANS Defended their nation by joining the military and working in defense industries Founded CORE-Congress of Racial Equality –Staged sit-ins and improved race relations


Defended their nation by joining the military Zoot Suit Rebellion against tradition

JAPANESE AMERICANS Defended their nation by joining the military Fought against relocation Founded the Japanese Americans Citizens League (JACL) Sought compensation for those forced in internment camps

VOCABLUARY 1. James Farmer 2. GI Bill Of Rights

3. Congress of Racial Equality 4. Internment

5. Japanese American

Citizens League

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