CHAPTER 2 Basic House Designs

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AT – 201 Introduction to Architecture Dan Trent August 27, 2012 1

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List four basic house designs Explain the chief advantages of each house design List disadvantages of each house design Explain traffic circulation in a floor plan


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Intermediate Level Living Level One-and-One-Half Story One-Story Ranch Sleeping Level Split-Level Traffic Circulation Two-Story


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One-Story Ranch One-and-One-Half Story Two-Story Split-Level   

Side-by-Side Front-to-Back Back-to-Front


       

Available Space (Footprint) Site Contour Climate Convenience Cost Surroundings Personal Preference Personal Needs



All regular living space on one level Low pitched roof Usually over a crawl space or on a slab, but may have a basement


Lends itself to Indoor/outdoor living Patios, porches, and terraces Glass brings outdoors in (looks bigger) Easy maintenance (painting, cleaning gutters) Easy to add on rooms/wings 6


More costly to build due to larger roof area

and longer foundation Requires a larger lot since it spreads OUT and not UP May cost more to heat because it is so spread out Maintenance issues due to all the roof area and exterior wall area Considerable hall space required to access all rooms 7

   

Higher cost (roof area) Larger “footprint” requires larger lot Difficult to heat since it is so spread out Long Hallways



Essentially a ranch house with a steeper roof that allows use of the attic for living space Dormers usually added to provide light and ventilation


 

Lower cost (almost twice the space under one roof) Expandable (if one wishes to finish attic space) Versatile (finish “upstairs” later as family grows) Lower heating/cooling cost


  

Low head room along perimeter Steeper roof, stairs, and dormers add to cost Wasted space at lower end of short walls (see figure 2-12 on page 41)


Advantages   

Smaller “footprint” so can be built on a smaller lot Lower heating/cooling costs More economical to build (2 floors, one roof)

 Disadvantages

Stairs Out of “style” in favor of contemporary look Not easily modified or “dressed up” Difficult maintenance (gutters, painting)


Classic examples


As the name suggests, the house is “split” into multiple levels Basement (heating/cooling equipment or storage)  Intermediate (garage or recreation room)  Living level (kitchen, dining, living, and bathroom)  Sleeping level (bedrooms and baths)  See page 46 


Conceived to solve problems presented by a sloping or “hilly” lot Three basic variations  Front-to-Back

(for lots that are “high” in the front, low in the back – looks like a RANCH from front)  Back-to-Front (for lots that are low in front, high in the back)  Side-to-Side (for lots that slope from one side to the other  (see page 46 – next slide) 15




  

The movement of people from one area or room to another Plan for maximum efficiency of movement SHORT travel paths DO NOT go through rooms to get to other rooms Classic Kitchen Triangle – 


19  

Building materials, composite, sustainability, d Products, sustainability, products, safety, where to buy, resources (products = PLYTANIUM, resources = DOGHOUSE) 

Roof shingles, bay windows, patios/decks


   

List 4 basic residential house designs Identify 5 advantages of the ranch style house List 5 disadvantages of the ranch style house A one-and-one-half story house can be recognized by its _________ ___________ , which often has ___________ to allow light into the attic Traffic circulation must be planned for maximum efficiency of ______________ 21

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