Chapter 2 - Data Models

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Math, Algebra
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Chapter 2 - Data Models Demonstration of building basic ERD

DealCo Relational Diagram  I will complete problem 4 and 5 from your book (page 59)in this demo.

Our Midwest region contains several stores, 2 in Missouri, one in Kansas (etc..). Each of our stores employs between 50 to 75 employees each. Yes, we have several job titles and each employee has a job to do. In our Kansas City store, Jim is the manager, Mark, Sue and Bob are assistant managers, Kim and Jeff are a couple of our cashiers. And so on, and so on………

Demo for building DealCo ERD Write all the

Identify each

Business Rules

Relationship Type 1:M



One Store has many Employees Each Employee is employed by one Store

One Job title is assigned to many Employees Each Employee has one Job title

One Region contains many Stores Each Store belongs in one Region


is assigned to


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