Chapter 3: The Roman Catholic Church

January 21, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, World History, Middle Ages
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The Church • In Medieval Times, the Church was the center of all life. • Let’s think of what differences there were from then and now.

Remember, a good way to document information is through using charts. Let’s use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast.

What’s the same?

What’s different?

What’s the same? What’s different?

     

You want to meet friends? You want to pariticipate in town meetings? You want to enjoy a concert or play? You need help when you don’t feel well? You need to buy supplies or other items? You need assistance and protection in an emergency?

What do the similarities and differences tell us about churches from the Middle Ages? Why do you think this?

*By the High Middle Ages (1000CE to 1300CE), the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) became the most influential power in Europe. *Chrisitanity was so popular, some people call this time in history “the Age of Faith”. Why do you think it got this name?

*Christianity was one of the few things to survive from the Roman Empire. *Rome became a Christian institute after Emperor Constantine converted and adopted the religion.

*The RCC was able to stay organized and help people. *This organization was modeled after the Roman Empire’s government and created a hierarchy. A hierarchy is a formally ranked group.

 

The RCC was led by the Pope, the archbishop of Rome. He chose Cardinals to help him. Archbishops were in charge of large areas called archdioceses. Bishiops ran dioceses. Priests were in charge of local areas called parishes.

*1050 = RCC owns the most land in Europe. * Ordered a one tenth tithe/tax on all people to help support the RCC. * Used Latin to write down historical events about monarchs.

We will now split into two groups. One will be led by Pope Gregory VII, the other by King Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire. Have your leaders read “his” background to the followers and prepare for a discussion.

*Gregory VII excommunicated, or kicked Henry IV out of the RCC. *This greatly troubled Henry IV, so he begged for forgiveness. What does this show about the RCC’s power and the way people viewed it?

The Church gave people in the Middle Ages many things:  New Arts and Architecture Styles  Education  Religious Life Events

*Paintings and Sculptures of Jesus and famous Christians were very common. * These were used to teach those who could not read.

There were two main styles of cathedrals. * Romanesque: the older, plain version Gothic: complex and inspiring, looked as if “it is reaching to Heaven”.


  

Rounded Arches Medium height/more horizontal Thick walls Little decoration Many small compartments

GOTHIC     

Pointed Arches Very tall Flying Buttresses Extreme details Big open space inside



Stained Glass Windows/Rose Windows

 

Activity: Now it is your turn to create a Gothic Cathedral. You and your group (no more than three members) can design your own cathedral. The cathedral MUST inlcude: At least one tall tower  At least two stained glass windows  At least two gargoyles  At least four flying buttresses 

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