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The Demonstration Effect

The replacement of local cultural aspects with those of another culture or cultures

Todays Lecture: Define: 

Demonstration Effect





How to protect a culture?

Assignment: Caribbean Cultural Region

Demonstration Effect

Demonstration Effect = The impact of tourists’ values and customs on local people = The phenomenon of local residents adopting the styles and manners they have observed

= Demonstration effects are effects on the behavior of individuals caused by observation of the actions of others and their consequences. The term is particularly used in political science and sociology to describe the fact that developments in one place will often act as a catalyst in another place.

Demonstration Effect Con't The intended and unintended impacts that visitors may have on a local community through their actions. The phenomenon of local residents adopting the styles and manners they have observed in visiting tourists.

Occurrence of indigenous and rural communities and cultures adopting western style and behaviour that they have observed in visiting tourists


The transformation of goods and services to things that may not be normally regarded as a commodity

'Commodification' is where ceremonies, cultural performances and rituals 'are changed to suit the needs and wishes of tourists.

These performances and ceremonies are made more colourful and dramatic so 'culture becomes a commodity for financial transactions', and does not really show the 'real' culture of the destination: also referred to as 'staged authenticity'.

Commodify 

Where do you see commodification in your daily lives?

MacDonalds - Internationally

Is this you?

Acculturation ♦ Changing components of traditional dance to meet the tourists: schedule, budget, and photography needs.

Standardization 

Bringing recognizable features such as food, hotels, and movies to exotic destinations to make the tourist feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Standardization Con't  

Taking culture and changing its appeal to tourists How much of the culture must be changed to meet the tourists' demands?

Transculturation 

Potential Loss of skills for future generations as a result of changing value to those practices

Example: Fishing communities in Newfoundland are moving to whale watching since it is more lucrative resulting in a loss of traditional type of work & skills for young locals

How can Culture be Protected While allowing tourists in an Area? 

Educate tourists and residents - Help tourists understand the cultural importance and meaning of festivals/attractions

Example of Understanding one's culture.. 

Muslim countries share a strict cultural tradition that woman must cover themselves in public.

By knowing and respecting this fact, female tourists should not wear revealing clothing

Physical Landscape 

If a physical landscape contains cultural features, effective land-use planning should plan for protection This means areas for designated tourism development zones

Time 

Rushed development = conflict between profits and cultural landscape

By gradually developing a tourism sector, strategies that attempt to mitigate loss of cultural identity can be better implemented

Negative Effects of the D.E. Religious beleifs, dress, music, eating habits, and commercial pratices... Large-scale tourist developments changed rural living patters Seasonal work patterns created Traditional skills of some workers were lost (from fishing to boat tour guide) Local art, music, and clothing styles were commercialized to cater to tourists Local foods, music, clothing styles were changed or influenced by North American Styles Local properties and areas of natural beauty were commercialized Crime levels increased.

 

Comprehension check... Individually or in small groups complete the handout provided as your exit pass.. Calculator required for Q.1 use phone/calc...

TPA What is it? Ratio of many tourists travelled to a destination compared to how many local residents live there...

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