Chonbuk National University

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Chonbuk National University International Affairs Office 2013

Location Incheon International Airport

• Tradition - Hanok Maeul (Korean Folk Village) • Art - Hanji (Traditional Korean Paper) • Delicacy - Bibimbab and Hanjeongsik Chonbuk National University, Jeonju

: 4 hours by bus : 3 hours by express train

Location Learning Environment – Driven by the Korean Spirit Living Environment – Comfortable living conditions Security – Lowest crime rate in Korea

Centre of Excellence v

Tradition makes the Place v

全州 = Perfect Place v

Korea’s Landmark University v

Chonbuk National University

Roots in the Chosun Dynasty (1392. A.D – 1910. A.D)

Combining the Traditional & the Modern Founded in 1947, the entire 23,580,088 m² campus was

donated by the Royal Family (Chosun Dynasty) & Confucianist Schools

Campus Photos

Facts and Figures 14 Colleges, 2 Faculties 1 Graduate School 4 Professional Graduate Schools

9 Special Graduate Schools

Facts and Figures

One of the largest student populations and number of staff members in the nation

CBNU in the World

The Nation’s Best Learning Environment Residence Halls: Capacity of 4,800 students (International and out-of region students receive priority)

The Nation’s Best Learning Environment Scholarships: 70% receiving percentage (7 out of 10 students receive scholarship benefits)

The Nation’s Best Learning Environment Cutting-edge Library: Digital Library holding up to 3 million books

The Nation’s Best Learning Environment International Affairs and Language Center Serving as the central hub of university’s language education

University for the Students

Chonbuk National University was highly praised for its academic environment and overall performance. After being selected into the Advancement of College Education Program and the University Education Capacity Enhancement Project for five consecutive years, CBNU was awarded the title of “the best teaching university” by the Korean government. In the 2012 Korea Standard-Service Quality Index Awards published by Korean Standards Association, CBNU placed 1st in the nation

CBNU in Research

Research that amazes the world from CBNU

CBNU in Research

Leading the nation in the production of SCI papers

CBNU in Research

CBNU attracts the most research grants in the nation

CBNU in Research

CBNU faculty members receive the most public and private support in their production of world class research

CBNU as a Leading Global University 1st among national universities, CBNU is the most internationalised university in the nation - 2012 Asian University Rankings (Chosun Daily Press-Quacquarelli Symonds)

- 2012 National University Rankings (Joongang Daily Press)

CBNU as a Leading Global University

Attracting an ever-increasing number of foreign students

CBNU as a Leading Global University

Providing the most international opportunities for CBNU students

International Summer School

CBNU offers a 3-week intensive International Summer School every year with more than 100 foreign participants

Feeling Korea

Experience the cultural heritage of Jeonju focusing on cultural emersion

Chonbuk National University - A perfect learning environment with Korean tradition at its core

- Modern facilities with IT-Oriented schools and colleges - Home to Top-Class research oriented staff

Enhance your academic ability and enjoy your experiences!

Thank You!

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