Clarifying Expectations: Discovering the Secret to Greater Employee

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management
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Clarifying Expectations: Discovering the Secret to Greater Employee Trust and Engagement Presented By

George Hendley Director of Organizational Development

Welcome & Introduction The Law of Expectations- a subset of the Law of Belief

Whatever you expect with confidence (or fear) will have a tendency to materialize in your life. “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he

shall never be disappointed.” Jonathan Swift

How have your expectations brought or directed you to this conference? How have your expectations brought or directed you to this session? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Welcome & Introduction 

All of your Expectations are either – Spoken or Unspoken – Met or Unmet

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Getting Started Together 

  

What are your expectations for this session? Realistic? Achievable? Have you spoken them to anyone? Are they met or unmet? (so far…) Can you adjust your expectations? I want to make this session a ‘Good Trade’ for you. RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Meeting Your New Friends In Pairs or Three’s discuss the following questions What were your expectations? – When you were entering a new job (or taking a new role) – When you were getting a new manager   

Did you tell anyone? Did anyone ask you? Was your expectation met or unmet? How did you feel when the expectation was not met? Did your trust decline in any way when your expectation(s) was not met? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Learning Objectives-

(My Expectations for our Session) 

You’ll discover – Why clarifying and communicating work expectations is imperative to maintaining trust and engagement – The high cost of disengagement or a lost employee – The valuable link between work expectations and high productivity* – A retention process that supports your business strategy

*The story of Jaime Escalante at Garfield High School, East Los Angeles RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

A New ‘Engaged’ Model 

“The companies that are most likely to succeed are the ones that spend the most energy on attracting, developing, and retaining talent.” —Charles Fishman (Fast Company)

Work expectations set the stage for a connection to success! RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Defining a New ‘Engaged’ Model 

Work expectations are those things you consider likely to happen in your job situation, now or in the future. Whether spoken or unspoken, your expectations are the KEY drivers of your attitudes, impacting your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Your TRUST!

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

A New ‘Engaged’ Model 

Your attitudes, in turn, influence your performance, engagement and job satisfaction. Work Expectations are strongly linked to employee engagement.

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

A New ‘Engaged’ Model Research shows that people who have clearly defined, wellcommunicated expectations find more satisfaction and success (i.e. engagement) in their work than those whose expectations remain unspoken or unrealized. 

But here’s our problem today… RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Disengagement Increasing 

Research published in 2009 shows – The number of employees showing high levels of discretionary effort has dropped by half and disengaged employees are 24% less likely to quit than they were in 2006. (you’re stuck with them!  )

What causes you to disengage or become disenchanted with your work? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Disengagement Increasing Recent study reports that only 1 in 5 (20%) employees are giving full effort on the job and nearly 40% are disenchanted or disengaged. The underlying factor for disengagement is the deep and growing distrust that American workers have toward their leadership and the company they work for. RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Disengagement and Distrust “Mistrust doubles the cost of doing business.” John Whitney

“Our distrust is very expensive.”

Waldo Emerson

“You can’t have success without trust.” Jim Burke

Only 36% of employees believe their leaders act with honesty and integrity Only 51% of employees have trust and confidence in senior management RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations


If you don’t have trust will you truly engage with your leadership or your company’s strategy? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

The Ultimate Disengagement At France Telecom Since the beginning of 2008, 24 employees have committed suicide and an additional 13 have attempted it. Many of these victims left suicide notes implying the company’s working environment was a key factor in their decisions- one even explicitly cited ‘overwork, stress, absence of


RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Counting the Cost$ 

 

The average costs for replacing an employee is between 29-46 % of their yearly salary Turnover costs the average organization many millions of $$ each year. Almost half of American companies have no formal strategy for addressing retention and even less for improving engagement What is that costing them every year? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Why Employees Leave 

Top 5 Factors affecting their decision 1. Quality of relationship with supervisor or manager (tied to communication and trust) 2. Ability to balance work and home life 3. Amount of meaningful work 4. Level of cooperation with coworkers 5. Level of TRUST in the workplace

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

But there is hope… 

Studies also indicate that – The kind of work culture and reputation a company creates play a significant role in shaping employees’ level of engagement and behavior. Think Southwest Airlines and the culture they have developed. The $$ impact? – Also, employees report that they want to give more but also want to see a clear and measurable return for their effort.

The question: Is there a proven model

and where do you start?

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

A New ‘Engaged’ Model 10 Vital Expectations tied to Workplace Engagement

Structure Diversity Recognition Autonomy Environment

Expression Teamwork Stability Balance Career Growth

THE QUESTION: How do you measure the

importance of each one and whether or not it is being met? The Answer is... RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Drum roll please…

The Answer… Work Expectations Profile Explore 10 work expectations that impact today’s employment relationships and employee engagement Together let’s explore this tool and see what it does .

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Workspace (Environment) Expectations Spoken

Unspoken How does it Work?


First we measure how important an expectation is. High, medium or low.


Then we discover whether it is met or unmet and if it has been spoken or unspoken. RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

The Needs Met…are many    

  

Improves Engagement and Trust by: Opening communication lines Reduces conflict and misunderstanding Brings unspoken needs/expectations into the open for awareness and discussion Develops Self Awareness (EI trait) Develops Others Awareness (EI trait) And more… RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Work Expectations Preview 

An opportunity to look at 3 of the 10 areas of Work Expectations focus Select the number from 1 to 5 that indicates how important or unimportant each statement is in relation to your work situation Total the numbers in each column and circle the corresponding range of numbers in the box at the bottom RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

What Does It Mean?  Balance: A focus on both personal and professional goals and a desire for coworkers and supervisors to understand the importance of all of ones commitments.  Expression: A desire for a work environment that allows people to be themselves.

 Recognition: A desire for a work environment where work is acknowledged and rewarded. RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Taking Action to Meet Expectations 1. 2. 3.

Focus – What do you expect? Reflect – How well are your expectations on each factor being met? Act – Where do you want to go? • • •

Communicate your expectations Initiate by taking steps to get your

expectations met Adjust – Can you live with the situation as it is? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Applying Your Knowledge: Four Case Studies   

Is the expectation spoken or unspoken? Is it met or unmet? How might the situation be affecting the employees attitude? How might this situation be affecting the organization? What might the employee do to improve the situation? RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Your Applications for Work Expectations are Many Engagement and Retention  Coaching & Counseling  Manager & Employee Relations  Conflict Resolution  New Supervisor Training  Diversity Issues  AND More! RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

The Trust Reality 

“…trust has a bottom line impact on results and when trust goes up, speed goes up while costs come down. This principle applies…with customers, partners and team members…” Kevin Rollins

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

The Old and New Reality Old Reality

“What you see is what you get.” Flip Wilson

New Reality “What you expect and clarify IS what you get.” GMH

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Summary 

You now have a new development and retention solution with a simple process and a proven tool= Work Expectations Profile You have recognized how this new tool and process is connected to trust and expectations

“The world is composed of what we think it is; what we expect tends to happen.” John Updike RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Where to Get More Information George Hendley RSG Health Services 800.804.2345 [email protected] 

 

Attend one of our upcoming FREE Webinars; See our newsletter for dates of future Webinars; Subscribe via email or phone or just give me a business card RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

Thank You! We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your needs and expectations. How can we serve you better so you in turn can serve the needs of others?

Has this been a ‘good trade’ for you?

RSG Health Services-Clarifying Expectations

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