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The Soviet Invasion •Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1979. •Led to the Soviet/Russian-Afghan War. •Soviets invade to support the communistic government •They also invaded so they could try to get to India

Soviet/Russian- Afghan War •Afghanis retreat to mountains to fight guerrilla war. •Received weapons to fight from the US via Pakistan. •Ten years of bitter fighting. •Mujadeen fight for Allah in the name of Jihad. •Other Muslims come to Afghanistan to fight infidel Russians. •Russians finally leave Afghanistan.

•Internal struggle for power after Russians leave.

“Justice and equality is the base of every religion and both the things are upside down in Afghanistan.” -Raza, Canada

•Began in 1994 when religious students captured the city of Kandahar from Mujahideen groups. •Strict with Sharia Law. •Women do not have any freedom. •Severe consequences for violating their laws.

Today In Afghanistan

Bin Laden OsmaOsma Bin Laden

• Taliban still follows Sharia Law. • Women do not have a lot of freedom. • Afghanistan is a haven for Islamic fundamentalists. • Trains militant Muslims to do terrorist acts to fight enemies of Islam, Israel and America. • “Blowback” syndrome.

The Ottoman Empire •Sultan Mehmet invades Byzance on May 23, 1483. Emperor Constantunous XI dies in panic. •Sultan Mehemet lets people follow their own religion, as long as they follow him. •Ottoman Empire flourishes under Turkish rule.

The Rise of a New Turkey In 1923, Mustafa Kemul Ataturk creates the new republic of Turkey. He did many great things for Turkey. He created new political and legal systems, abolished the Caliphate, advanced the arts and sciences, and gave equal rights to women.

He changed Turkey from an only Islamic state, to a modernized country, but he rejected the Muslim traditions.

Mustafa Kemul Ataturk

Abdullah Ocalon, THE KURDS, AND THE PKK Abdullah Ocalon is the leader of most of the the Kurdish people and the leader of a terrorist group inside turkey called the PKK. He threatened the foundation of Turkey by starting raids and attacks. He was arrested in Kenya, he was then brought to Turkey and

The Enemy Within Fundamentalists in Turkey think their country has joined forces with the west. The Turkish army will suppress any uprisings because they follow Ataturks beliefs Because of pressure from the Muslim world.

Geography and Economy • Chechnya: Region in southern Russia • Muslim Territories • Capitol: Grozny • Main Source of Economy: Petroleum • Region is very poor • Long history of fighting Russia.

War In Chechnya Today • Chechens invade Dagestan. • Four apartment buildings explode in Russia. • They believe that Chechens were responsible.

• Experts fear the, “Afghanistan Scenario.” • Future uncertain.

Chechen History 1800 Russia invades Chechnya

1944 Russia transports entire Chechen population to Kazakhastan and Kirshzia

1957 Chechens return to Chechnya

1991 Chechnya declares independence

1992 Chechnya makes constitution

1994-1996 Russians attack Chechens in war

1999 Russia invade after four apartment buildings explode

Chechen View on Russian War • Chechens believe that Russians are greedy. • Chechens claim heinous acts have been committed against civilians. • Chechens claim the Russian government is creating propagandas.

The current war results…

Gruesome Monument: The rubble of downtown Grozny, Sunday February 6, 2000. Russia may not spend the estimated $1 billion required to rebuild the city, instead letting it stand in ruins as a warning against separatism.

RUSSIA AND THE SOUTH By Jonathan Tucker Russian Soldier

1791: Sheikh Mansur led a resistance movement 1840s: Imam Shamil led another resistance movement Both were unsucsessful 1917: Soviet Union formed 1930s: Soviet leaders oppressed Chechens

Conflict: An Ancient Pastime

Conflict: A Modern Pastime • 1991 Chechnya declared independence • No one recognized it • 1994 Yelstin launched an attack against Chechnya • Peace accord signed in the summer of 1995, but failed to resolve all disputes.

Oil in Caspian Sea Area • Large deposits of oil are found in Caspian Sea reigon • Controversy over ownership • A violent dispute for oil between Russia and China in the early 21st century is predicted

Muslim Religion in Russia • Islam was the 2nd largest religion in the USSR, (1st being eastern-orthodox) • Religiously less observant than the Afghan Taliban

Dear Mr. President, Thank you very much for choosing us to tell you about central Asia. It was our pleasure coming in to present you with this information. I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Thank you again. Fondly, Brad Sagal, Brittany Adler, Jonathan Tucker, and Jason Zarrow

BYE!!!! Hope you enjoyed the speech!

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