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St Swithun’s Open Meeting

30th June 2014

What is the state of the church? (Hint, look around you)

• The architect’s report identified some urgent issues – which we are fixing • Also many significant structural repairs are needed • It is critical that we prevent water coming in and stop the damp, this is especially bad in the tower • Since the inspection in August 2013 further damage has occurred, both inside and out • Now we want to be bold, “stop the rot” and secure the building for future generations

Architect’s report summary Quinquennial works required 1. Emergency repair 2. Churchyard wall

Cost £ 562


Re-build the boundary wall near the war memorial (A)

3. Maintenance to roofs and gutters


Repairs to roof lead-work and flashings, pointing (A) Minor repairs to gutters (B) Additional lightning conductor (B)

4. Tower


Exploratory work to south face to find cause of damp (A) Repairs to wall south face to prevent water penetrating (A) Additional repairs to west and north faces , including south west and northwest buttresses (B) Tower arch (internal) – plaster repairs and conservation (A)

5. External walls, windows, rainwater disposal


Conservation work to blocked north doorway (A) Repair/replacement of windows on north side of aisle, (£53,000) (B) Repair of windows on south side of aisle (£10,000) (B) Porch repairs (£12,000) (B and C)

6. Internal repairs – includes cost of birdcage scaffolding


Chancel ceiling repairs and re-decoration (£20,000) (A) Nave plasterwork and re-decoration (£15,000) South aisle, repair plaster and re-decorate (£6,000) B/C North aisle re-decorate (£6,000) C

Total A: repairs required within 2 years, B: within 5 years, C: after 5 years


Examples of repairs needed

Examples of repairs needed

New damage since August ‘13 (inspection date)

Unless we act now, the damage and cost will only increase

Also work is needed to allow the bells to continue to be rung enjoyably • The bells were restored for the millennium and have been rung regularly since 2000 – They mark church services and many national events

• However they are not easy to ring, so further work is needed, including retuning • It is estimated that this may cost ~£40,000, of which £22,000 has already been raised • It makes sense to work together to ensure the tower is in a fit state to support continued ringing

Anything else? • The architect’s estimates are based on his experience • Following detailed evaluations and estimates from builders the numbers could go up (or down) – We do need builders with the right expertise – Many of our current problems come from past use of inappropriate materials and methods

• We would also like to add basic amenities – such as water, a toilet and a sink to make it more useful to the community • This is not included in the architect’s estimates

Funding for our church - where does the money come from? There is no direct government support for the Church of England

The Church of England had to pay ~£900 million (in 2005) for • Running costs, buildings (churches, vicarages, church halls), worship, clergy salaries, pensions, training etc. • • •

Two thirds of this came from individuals, donations, fundraising and grants Only one third came from historic endowments, investments, property and local diocese investments All individual parishes have to meet their own costs – for a small parish this is a BIG challenge Also, there is no direct CoE support for church buildings

Where does the money go to? • St Swithun’s budget (excluding repairs) is £16,000 per annum • For heat, light, insurance, contributions to clergy costs etc

• We have 18 people on our Electoral Roll (regular churchgoers) • Over the last 5 years we have raised £8,000 from fundraising events – Open Gardens, Christmas cards, Barn Dance, Harvest Supper etc.

• But we have spent £40,000 on repairs (includes grants) – – – –

Major repairs to the churchyard wall Emergency work to the west face of the tower Repair of the clock (funded by the Parish Council) Glazing repairs to the clerestory windows (high up) on the north wall

Previous works: window repair

Holes and cracks were causing water to leak in

Original quotation (for extensive repairs to several windows) was £10,000s. We managed to find expert glaziers and paid
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