Co-production – what`s it all about?

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology
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Co-production is an approach to public service delivery within which professionals and citizens work together in equal and reciprocal relationships.

Co-production Training UK Ruth Dineen & Emma Falkner

Co-production – principles valuing participants building on their strengths developing peer-support networks equality and reciprocity facilitation not delivery

Transformative Co-production creating meaningful, sustainable, change shared influence | shared responsibility

co-commissioning co-design co-delivery co-evaluation

Co-production in Wales 6 co-production events: health, communities, environment… WCVA Conference Wellbeing Wales Conference 2013 NLIAH symposia series 2013 Social Services bill – consultation responses Health & Social Care Committee evidence open letter to Welsh Government Scottish co-pro collaboration visit All in this Together Network | AitT Academic Network Co-production Practitioners’ Network | Patchwork Circles

Co-production in Wales ministers & senior civil servants local authorities | One Voice Wales WCVA | Participation Cymru Welsh Alliance for Citizen-directed Support Disability Wales | Community Lives NLIAH | Wellbeing Wales

…healthy living as the outcome of a process of co-production between health professionals and patient groups… Leanne Wood

demographic pressures welfare reform budget cuts recession more & better for less engagement, wellbeing, resilience prevention / early action sustainability & scalability

culture of entitlement disempowered, disengaged passivity, dependence participation fatigue

We are family… Ty Waunarlwydd | My Life Cymru | OPAN

Who wants to help enable me to be as much as I want, as much as I can, as much as I should, right now and every tomorrow until the day I die?

1000 Lives + ‘We have moved from being service users to being researchers - a positive identity which has motivated us all. Yes we are useful, we have a purpose, we are being valued for helping to compile an incredible piece of work.

… confidence has returned, passion and purpose too, as well as an overwhelming feeling of pride to be part of such an incredible project. For us, being part of a team, sharing, supporting, discovering and importantly, laughing together, has been incredibly affirming.’

Creation Development Trust

Redevelopment Café . clean up campaigns . environmental projects . community murals . Battle of the Bands . films, comedy & theatre . bingo . tea dances & discos . Real Food box scheme . recording studio .

Co-production - mapping the process build the initial team create the vision / identify the problem

scale up

celebrate success

design the project

expand the team / deepen the knowledge

share the evidence

evaluate (outcomesbased)

implement the project

Essential Co-production skills Communication and Engagement Non--directive coaching Appreciative Enquiry Asset Mapping Influencing and Advocating

Making things happen together Collaborative Leadership Building teams & partnerships Action Learning Democratic decision-making

Sustaining Success Extending the networks Building confidence Sharing the evidence Stepping back

building people’s capacity to live the life they want, in the community where they live

Ruth Dineen Emma Falkner


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