COD Cordyceps

January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Zoology, Parasitology
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Cordyceps 1. Eukaryote

Cordyceps sp.

2. Nuclei in Cells

3. Multicellular 4. Cell wall 5. Heterotroph

6. Sessile (sort-of) 7. Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

8. Kingdom Fungi


Cordyceps sp. Kingdom Fungi Division Ascomycota

Class Sodariomycetes Order Hypocreales Family Clavicipitaceae Genus Cordyceps species (multiple species)


Cordyceps sp. This parasitic genus contains around 400 species distributed throughout the world with most living in tropical rainforests.

The “host” • Cordyceps spores find an insect and begin to grow inside eating the nutrients in the insect.

Attacking the brain • They grow their hyphae towards the brain of the insect and infect the optical nerve, the part of the brain that controls perception of light.

Attacking the brain • The insect then climbs upward in search of light. When it reaches a point high in the trees it clasps on and dies.

The fungus then sprouts a fruiting body and releases spores from high up in the trees.

From this height, the spores disperse great distances and infect more insects!

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