College & Amateur Sports

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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ECONOMIC IMPACT OF COLLEGE ATHLETICS Benefits to the community Good for town business Good for stadium business

Sponsorship and licensing Sponsorships help school and corporation Licensing protects names & symbols & store

Conference Realignment Revenue & television share & excitement

College & Amateur Sports

Marketing College Athletics Economic Impact of College Athletics Amateur Sports

Overview Chapter 2 discusses the financial impact of college and amateur sports, with emphasis on marketing to new target markets.

What will you learn? To explain the importance of the NCAA and team rankings to college sports. To define market segmentation. To discuss the growing market surrounding women’s college athletics. To understand the benefits of college sports to the home community.

What more will you learn? To identify benefits of sponsorship and licensing to a team. To explain the reasons for realignment of college conferences. To discuss marketing and sponsoring of amateur sports. To understand the economic benefits of amateur sports.

Can You Name Major Bowl Games and Where They are Played? Rose Bowl – Pasadena, Cal. Orange Bowl – Miami Sugar Bowl – New Orleans, LA Fiesta Bowl – Tempe, Arizona

Effects of Collegiate Sports Economic boost Products, services, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, malls Media attention for area Strong Public Image Web Sites

Rules & Rankings of NCAA NCAA is the governing body of most college & university athletic programs Creates & enforces rules & guidelines Recruitment, gender equity, scholarships, gambling, ethics

National Collegiate Athletic Association Promotes college athletics & integrity Strives to keep athletics important, solid & respectable Helps athletes succeed Sponsorship important

College Team Rankings Sports magazines & nationally recognized sports enthusiasts determine rankings Past team performance, talent, team schedules, personal preference Before seasons begin

Why So Much Emphasis? Sells ads in magazines Promotes team Builds excitement and strong attendance at games Creates fan loyalty Influences TV schedules High ranking helps to get to #1 spot at end Bowl spots – revenue!

Why Is a Number One Ranking Lucrative? Brings in enormous amount of money Sells out games Great financial gains Favorable national recognition Recruitment is easier Sportswear sales grow

Market Segmentation Market Segment – A group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics Geographic Segmentation - Location

Demographic Segmentation –Info Measured Psychographics – Attitudes & Lifestyles Product Usage – What products you use, how often & why

Benefits Derived –Value people believe they receive

Women’s College Sports Women have participated for decades 1980 NCAA focused attention on women 1987 Women’s Enhancement Program Increased Fan Support

Marketing Opportunities in Women’s Sports New Sports = New Marketing Opportunities Women’s sports attention is coming faster than with new sports Powerful target market Tidal wave of marketing opportunities

Amateur Sports Popular Amateur athlete vs. Professional athlete Marketing & sponsorship of amateur sports brings in a lot of money Community & business participation National attention

Economic Benefit of Amateur Sports Financial gain for community, city, state Goodwill and enjoyment Mental & emotional support of athletes Encourage involvement by all types of people

Popular Amateur Sports Ice Skating In Malls

Soccer Most popular sport

Basketball Popular for everyone

Baseball Family Involvement

Softball All ages & genders

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