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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Finance, Corporate Finance
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Company Overview – Hummingbird Films   

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A company set up 6 years ago by two professionals with a combined experience of 35 years in television & advertising The company has produced 20 series in a range of genres – factual programming, reality shows and drama The area of specialization within the company is factual programming with the emphasis of Art, culture & heritage, Travel, food & lifestyle. The company has offices in Singapore & Mumbai and liaison offices in Vietnam & Indonesia The company has considerable experience in filming across Asia, notably SE Asia, India & China and it prides itself on the depth of its research. The company has its own post production facilities & cameras We are a boutique operation with a small team of highly experienced professionals who work hands-on, on the company’s shows

Recent Projects Undertaken by HBF 

We are currently working on co-producing a 13 part reality series with a Canadian producer/distributor. ◦ This is an original format created by Hummingbird Films and one season of this has already been produced in Singapore.

The company has recently completed a 26 part food and travel series for an Indian broadcaster.

Under production are two one-hour documentaries for the international market. These are self funded and are 40% completed. The documentaries are in the area of arts & heritage.

Projects/Partners we are seeking  

We are seeking co-productions for content produced out of Asia For the above we are looking at three models ◦ Adapting and/or producing UK formats for Asian Broadcasters ◦ Producing our concepts/formats for UK broadcasters ◦ Co-producing with UK producers, content that needs filming in Asia, where the project has a broadcaster on board.

For the online / mobile/new media content we are working on Advertiser Funded Programming. ◦ We are open to ideas/concepts that can be sold to brands across Asia ◦ Asian versions of branded entertainment for UK clients/brands signed on by UK producers. ◦ In both the above models we are open to co-productions

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