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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Physics, Mechanics, Force
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Internal Conflict Definition: A struggle that takes place in a character's mind is called internal conflict.

Internal Conflict is … NOT visual or tangible. a character dealing with his or her own mixed feelings or emotions.

Example of Internal Conflict A character may have to decide between right and wrong or between two solutions to a problem.

Internal Conflict Subcategory Man vs. Self Internal conflict is often referred to as man vs. self since the struggle is inside one’s head.

Man vs. Self Examples Lester vs. his fear of dying Michael Oher vs. his struggle to choose a


External Conflict Definition: A struggle between a character and an outside force is an external conflict.

Example of External Conflict Characters may face several types of outside forces. The outside force may be another character. It may be the character and the community. The outside force may also be forces of nature. For example, a story might be the main character struggling against the arctic cold.

External Conflict Subcategories Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Man This is mostly seen in the form of two characters against each other. It can also be represented by a group of people. It does not have to be a physical confrontation; it can be a battle between two ideas.

Man vs. Man Examples Jimmy Valentine vs. Ben Price

Batman vs. The Joker The Avengers vs. Loki

Man vs. Nature Environment is defined as anything surrounding a person. This can include weather or fate.

Man vs. Nature Examples Bear Grylls vs. Jungle

Kate Fitzgerald vs. Cancer (My Sister’s Keeper)

Man vs. Society Man vs. Society – The leading character struggles against ideas, practices, or customs of other people.

Man vs. Society Examples Skeeter vs. The expectations of the town. Aibileen and Minny vs. Racism Mulan vs. the stereotype of woman.

Conflict Quick Review •Internal Conflict

•External Conflict




•*not tangible

•*other characters

•*a force of nature

* struggle of ideas

•*in the mind

•*not just physical confrontation

•*anything in surroundings

* Customs

•*decisions, feelings, emotions

•*opposing ideas

•*weather, fate, health

* Stereotypes


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