Consequence System

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Consequence System

GMS - STUDENT CONSEQUENCE GRID We developed the student consequence grid as a tool to develop consistency in student discipline in our school  Students are given this sheet at the start of school so they know what behaviors will earn them a mark  Positive activities are rewarded while negative activities earn students a mark on their grid  Every 9 weeks the number of marks starts at zero so students have an opportunity to correct behaviors that they were marked for in the previous 9 weeks  Students can earn marks straight across the grid or if they reach 7 total marks in any area before they get to parent contact/behavior packet their teacher will call their parent and assign the behavior packet  10 total marks results in a discipline referral  Team revises consequence grid yearly based on staff input and data analysis

STUDENT CONSEQUENCE GRIDS Name: Verbal Warning Class Disruption Disrespect to peers Noncompliance Property Misuse Not prepared Out of Seat

Student Conference

Silent Lunch

Call Parent/ Behavior Packet

After-school Detention

Parent Contact

THE UNIQUE PBIS TEAM COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUE Google Docs Shared Documents Administration and Faculty Record in Student Matrix Administration and Faculty Contact Parents

PBIS Communication Tools  Every student has a consequence grid that is accessed by any teacher or staff member in the school through  All teachers have the same expectations and consequences for each student = consistency in discipline.  With consistency comes increased time on-task for students in the classroom = teachers work together  Teachers are trained on this system at the start of the year and they can email parents/guardians a student’s consequence at any time during the school year

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* Each student has a sheet

WHAT HAS THE CONSEQUENCE GRID DONE FOR GMS PBIS? • Provided students with consistent rules • Decrease time administrators have to spend with excessive referrals • Helped us to develop a safer, more pleasant climate to work and learn in • Provided parents with clear expectations and rules • Decreased our total number of referrals and students in OSS and ISS • Helped us to increase our test scores on EOG’s for the last five school years

BUS CONSEQUENCE GRID At Gamewell Middle School we use a Bus Consequence Grid because it helps to: •Increase bus discipline consistency •Provide students with an understanding of what’s expected of them on the bus •Provide the administration with documentation to show parents when problems with a student occurs on the bus •Provides all of our drivers with an understanding of how their passengers are supposed to behave while on the bus * Please click on the screen on the next slide to see our PBIS video


Verbal Warning

Out of seat w/o permission Inappropriate or Threatening Language Disrespect to peers or bus driver Noncompliance

Property Misuse (Throwing Items)

Bus driver conferences with student

Assign to front seat

Referral for parent contact by administration

Referral for Administrative Decision

South Davie MS - Accountability • Students receive infraction slips for not following the PBIS matrix. • Infraction slips are given for minor behaviors. • 3 infraction slips in a week result in a Level drop. • Each Level has different consequences outlined in the student handbook. • After 5 days of positive behavior, the student will move back up a level. • These Level changes are recorded in our data system. • Students who remain on Level 4 are rewarded each quarter, mid-year, and end of year.

Student Infraction Form

Date ____________________

Student: _______________________________________________ Teacher: _______________________________________________ ____ Poor attitude ____ Out of seat without permission ____ Talking/disturbing class

____ Tardy ____ Tipping chair/desk ____ Not prepared for class ____ Playful/inappropriate behavior ____ Off task/not using time well ____ Disrespecting/defacing property ____ Throwing Things ____ Homework not complete ____ Disrespect ____ Inappropriate behavior or volume in hall or cafeteria Teacher Comment: ___________________________________________ Student Comment:___________________________________________ Student Signature: __________________________________________

Accountability • More severe behaviors receive either a processing slip for minor offenses or an office referral for major offenses. • These offenses would include disrespect, language, fighting, etc. • Students who receive office referrals typically serve a day in AID(alternative instructional day). • Major offenses could also result in OSS(out of school suspension). Students receiving this suspension will attend class off campus at the county’s alternative school.

School Discipline Levels and Privileges • Level 4: Students enjoy all school activities • Level 3: Lose team privileges at the discretion of the team. • Athletes may receive additional consequences from coaching staff. • Student MAY attend field trips. • Student MAY attend dances and other school activities. • Lunch will continue to be in the cafeteria. • Student moves to Level 4 after 5 days of positive behavior.

LEVEL 2 • Team makes parent contact!!!! • Student develops behavior plan with team at teams discretion. Look at behavior and how many times student has been on Level 2. • Student not eligible for team incentives • No outside activities, including band, choir, and drama unless a performance is given a grade. • Team or grade level lunch detention until student returns to Level 3. • Student CAN NOT ATTEND activities like dances, athletic events, field trips, etc. • Athletes: Can NOT PLAY but CAN Practice.

Level 1 • • • • • •

Parent conference with TEAM. Student is on Lock-down (loss of all privileges and hall passes). All travel in school is supervised. Lunch detention in AID until level changes. Separate setting for any assemblies, plays, etc. Athlete can not dress out, for practice, games, or events, or play until level changes.

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