Constitutional Amendment

January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Constitutional Amendment


Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 49 (HJRCA49)  Proposed

Constitutional Amendment

require a 3/5th majority vote for the General Assembly to approve any future pension benefit increase  Would require a 3/5th vote by a local school board to approve local collective bargaining agreements that include additional compensation increases (not salary increases) that impact pensions (bonuses, sick leave allotments, compensated time off, and incentives)  Would

Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

HJRCA 49 passed the General Assembly with strong support  Senate:

51-2  House: 113-0

Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

What is required for this to be the law of the land?  The

voters will have this question before them in November  The only constitutional amendment on the ballot  Three-fifths

of those voting on the question must approve of it or a majority of those voting in the election 

Would be effective on January 9, 2013

Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

What if this passes?  This

would make contracts that include increased compensation (outside of salary increases), that can be used in the calculation of one’s annuity, to be subject to the 3/5th vote requirement by school boards  Would make it nearly impossible to remedy the issues with Tier 2 (Possible Social Security issues)  The vagueness of the amendment would lead to disagreements around its application

Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

In 2008, Con Con was on the ballot  We

engaged against the proposal  Ballots Cast  5.5

million for president  4.5 million on the question of Con Con  

18% difference 32.6% YES vs 67.4% NO

Statewide MeasuresConstitutional Amendment 

GR and Communications are working on incorporating our vote NO message  Targeted

campaign that any local can work on  Numerous all member mailings  Flyers in the buildings  Robocalls  Early voting starts later this year and will allow us to condense our messaging to a shorter timeline

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