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BOHSHAR K 9’s -Sharen Sztym (owner)


Box 8, Site 3, RR#1,

G.S.T. Number: 81856 0401 RT0001

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada T4T 2A1 PUPPY SALES CONTRACT We require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit for any puppy bred by Bohshar K-9’s to hold said puppy until two weeks after the date that it is ready to leave the farm (usually at 10 weeks of age). If you have not made arrangements with us or have not completed the purchase by that time, you will lose your deposit. No Refunds Puppy Name: _______________ B.D. _____________ Colour: _________________ Markings: ______________ Buyer’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Buyers Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ This purebred, registered puppy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and embodies the characteristics of said breed. This puppy has been bred with loving care and has a selective pedigree. Cavaliers are an indoor dog and thoroughly enjoy the company of their family. THEY SHOULD NEVER LIVE OUTDOORS. We feed Acana dog food, for optimum health, not grocery store food! We also use an immune system booster called NuVet that we had really good results with, you can find a link to this website on our website. Please ask me any questions that you want to with regards to food and/or immune system boosters. It is not humanly possible to know what your Cavalier will look like or the size that they will be as an adult. We want you to love them unconditionally. All puppies bred and sold by Bohshar K-9’s are guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. For purposes of this agreement, once the puppy leaves the sellers premises, it is under the buyer’s control. Buyer is required to have puppy checked by their own veterinarian, within 72 hours after delivery. Failure to do so will make the health guarantee null and void. Notice of any problems must be received by seller within this 72 hour period. NO REFUNDS This puppy is sold as PET QUALITY only. This dog MUST be SPAYED/NEUTERED. Most veterinarians recommend doing the surgery when the puppy is six months old. When breeder receives proof of spay/neuter, buyer will receive CKC registration papers. If spay/neuter confirmation is not received by breeder at 8 months of age, breeder will assume purchaser is breeding the dog purchased and a fee of $5000.00 is owed and payable to the breeder immediately for breach of contract. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE MICROCHIP NUMBER IS WRITTEN ON CONFIRMATION AND IS SIGNED BY VET.

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Sex : FEMALE /MALE Breeder: Sharen Sztym

Puppy Microchip # _________________________________ Type of Registry: Canadian Kennel Club. Non breeding agreement is in place.

Sire: ____________________ Dam: ________________________________________________ Puppy is guaranteed until its first birthday, against MAJOR LIFE THREATENTING GENETICALLY caused illness. Upon receipt of veterinary certification as relates to MAJOR LIFE THREATENING GENETICALLY caused illness, puppy will be replaced with another of equivalent value, WHEN ONE IS AVAILABLE. Second veterinarian opinion may be required. Seller is not responsible for any costs incurred by puppy, after delivery, including any vet costs. Seller does not guarantee for congenital defects that are not life threatening for any length of time. This includes luxating patellas (because this condition can be caused by injury) and it is very common in small breeds of dogs. Seller does not guarantee for parasites or teeth.

SELLER MUST RECEIVE FULL PAYMENT BY CASH OR DIRECT DEPOSIT BEFORE PUPPY IS RELEASED. All parties have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions of this contract and therefore sign below stating their agreement. Buyer # 1 signature:______________________________Buyers phone number: ___________________________ Buyer #2 signature:____________________________Buyers cell phone number:__________________

Sellers signature:________________________________ Date deposit paid: ___________ Full Price: $ ______________ Date final payment in full:___________________ G.S.T. Paid: $ _________________ G.S.T. Number: 81856 0401 RT0001

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