Contract , Proposal, and Estimating

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OPA Office Professionals Assist, LLP Contracts, Proposals and Estimating

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating

Contract preparation, proposals and estimating can all be very time consuming. Running a successful business requires that these documents are prepared by utilizing the most cost efficient and accurate manner available. OPA can make this process much less stressful and more effective.

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating


Contracts  Preparation of all contracts to include:

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating

 AIA (American Institute of Architects)  General Contractor, Subcontractor, Design-Build and Consultants contracts.  Preparation of contracts as required, to be reviewed and approved by customer and legal team.

 Assisting Subcontractors with Contract Agreements including:  AIA (American Institute of Architects) subcontract agreements  Assisting subcontractors in writing contracts.

 Writing, adding and administering change orders.  Preparing and tracking lien waivers for owners and subs.  Develop management system to ensure that all contracting documentation required is on hand when required.

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating


Proposals  Review RFP and extract all information to ensure that each requirement is met.

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating

 Collaborate with our customers to obtain information required for proposal.  Combine all information and prepare award winning proposals.

 Submit proposal to proper individuals for company approval.  Upon approval distribute proposal to necessary parties as required.  Develop management system to ensure that all incoming and outgoing proposals are monitored for response in a timely and efficient manner.  Management of any required follow-up from the customer.

Contracts, Proposals and Estimating


Contracts, Proposals and Estimating

Estimating  With customer insight develop estimating sheets that are appropriate for your business needs.  Onsite assistance for project manager to avoid costly omissions to the estimate.

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