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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Community Law Enforcement

Kathy R. Zoner Chief since 2009 19 years with Cornell Police 16 years of that in Supervision

Peace Officers (CPL 2.10 sub 42) Special Deputy Sheriffs of Tompkins Report to the Board of Trustees

Full Arrest Powers on Cornell Property (EDN Law 5709) Owned Supervision Administered Controlled by Roadways crossing or adjoining

Article 1 of Cornell Police Policy Manual Addresses Role and Authority

Sworn Officers 51 Authorized

5.5 Civilian support staff Telecommunicators 12 authorized (one is supervision)

Over 20 Blue Light Escort/security guards

24/7, 365 days per year (366 in Leap Years) 3 Road shifts of between 9-10 officers/shift 5 Investigators 2 Crime Prevention Officers K9 Reggie Senior Leadership Team 911 Dispatch center Main Campus Lost and Found


Advise CU Police re: campus security policies and procedures Recommendations for improvement regarding Educating campus community, security personnel and student advisors/supervisors about sexual assault Educating about personal safety and crime prevention Reporting Sexual assaults, DV and stalking Assisting victims during investigations Referring complaints to appropriate authorities Counseling victims Responding to inquiries from concerned persons

Appointed by the President Complies with Article 129-A; Section 6431 of NYS Education Law Before June 30, must report to President all recommendations for the current academic year Identified Associated Committee of the University Assembly

Presidential appointees Two undergrad students (SA) Two Faculty (Faculty Senate) One grad student (GPSA) One non-faculty employee (EA)

Each Assembly must have at least one female on its recommendation list At least half of all voting members must be female Recommendation lists must be at least twice as long as the number appointed Two-year staggered terms Committee elects the chair who serves as such for his or her term.

Non-voting; may appoint designee Chief of Police Judicial Administrator Director of Mental Health University Victim Advocate Dean of Students

Director of Residential Programs Human Resource Representative

At least once a semester Agenda set at least one week prior

Can be called to meet ad hoc Minutes are recorded and kept on file by the University Assembly Office of the Chief of Cornell Police will provide staff support and administrative assistance

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