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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts et Lettres, Écriture, Grammaire
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IV – Complète le texte sur cette célébrité en plaçant le verbe « be » ou « have got » conjugués:

I am a famous actress. My first name is Keira and my surname is Knightley. I am 26 years old. I was born in England, in the city of Teddington. I am tall and very thin. I have short blond hair and a rather small nose. I have brown eyes. I am not married. I started my career in the film “A Village Affair” in 1994 and became famous with “Pirates of the Caribbeans”. V – Voici les goûts de Keira Knightley, rédige un court paragraphe pour résumer ce qu’elle aime et ce qu’elle n’aime pas – n’oublie pas d’utiliser plusieurs expressions de goût différentes :

Playing football Johnny Depp Tomatoes

Watching TV Horror movies Spinach

First, she enjoys playing football and she loves Johnny Depp. She likes tomatoes too.

Then, she hates watching TV and she doesn’t like horror movies. She detests spinach.

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