Creating animated banners in Fireworks

January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Creating animated banners in Fireworks

Setting up the canvas • Open Fireworks and choose a canvas size big enough to fit the animated banner you are going to create • You will probably be going quite far across the page so choose greater width

Non-animated parts • Draw all the parts of your animated banner that DO NOT NEED animating (straight on the canvas

Animated parts • Select Edit, Insert, New Symbol • Select Animation as the symbol Type

• Name the animation • Draw or copy/paste the image you want to animate around the cross in the centre of the page and edit it so it looks how you want it to • Click

Animating • Select Modify, Animation, Settings • Choose what you want to do with the animation from the Animate pop up menu that appears • Click OK • If a message appears regarding frames just click OK again

Animating (continued) • You can then play your animation to see it working by pressing the play button • The Frames of the animation can be seen here:

Animating (continued) • You may want to make adjustments to the animation path. Click and drag the red dot

• Any non-animated parts only appear on the first frame. Copy and paste them to the other frames if you want them on those frames also • Play the animation again to test it works

Saving your animated banner • You need to save your animated banner as a Fireworks file • You also need to save the animation as an animated gif. Type .gif after the name of the file

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