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LAURIE G. SMITH CV April 2013 Higher Education 6/84 A.B. (Biology), Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University Honors: Biology Department Senior Book Prize, election to Phi Beta Kappa 1/88 Ph.D. (Immunology), University of London, U.K. Ph.D. thesis title: "Early Events in Thymic T-cell Ontogeny" (advisor N.A. Mitchison).

Professional Employment History 2/88 - 1/90

Postdoc, Stanford University School of Medicine, in the laboratory of Irving L. Weissman (analysis of mouse hematopoietic stem cell development). 5/90 - 12/94 Postdoc, USDA Plant Gene Expression Center, Albany, CA, in the laboratory of Sarah Hake (molecular genetic analysis of maize leaf development). 1/95 - 12/97 Assistant Professor, Department of Biology Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1/98 – 6/03 Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of California San Diego 7/03 – 6/09 Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, University of California San Diego 7/09 – present Professor, Biological Sciences, University of California San Diego

Honors and Awards Marshall Scholarship for graduate study in the U.K., held 10/84 - 10/87 Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, held 6/88 - 10/91 U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Service Postdoctoral Fellowship, held 11/91 - 10/92

Grant Support (last four years) “Analysis of the roles of DISCORDIA and related proteins in the spatial control of cytokinesis in maize” (USDA 2006-35304-17342): $400,000 total costs for period 9/15/06 – 9/14/09 (completed). “Plant Cell Polarization in Response to Extrinsic Cues” (NSF IOS-0843704): $456,000 total costs for period 06/01/09-05/31/12 (completed). “Discovery, Revision, and Validation of Maize Genes By Proteogenomics” (NSF DBI-0924023): multi-investigator award (PI Steve Briggs; Co-PIs Vineet Bafna and Laurie Smith) $440,000 total costs for period 09/15/09-09/14/12 for work in Smith lab (completed). “Polarization of Plant Cell Division by Receptor-Like Proteins” (NSF IOS-1147265). Total costs $572,872 for period 06/01/12-05/31/15 (current).


Teaching and Training (last four years) BICD100: large enrollment upper division undergraduate genetics course at UCSD required for all Biology majors, taught 4 times with combined enrollments of ~2,000 students (supervised ~80 TAs) BICD101: upper division undergraduate eukaryotic genetics lab class at UCSD, taught spring 2009, focused on plant genetics and genomics methods (enrollment ~25 students) BIMM194: senior undergraduate seminar course at UCSD taught fall 2012 focused on new applications of genetics and genomics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease (enrollment ~25 students) Trained 5 postdocs, 7 undergraduates and 5 masters students in my laboratory; served on committees of 9 additional graduate students Developed a one week laboratory focused on comparative plant genome analysis. Led classroom implementation and teacher training to support uptake the module at two San Diego public middle schools in 2011 and 2012. Altogether, ~500 7th grade students have participated in the module over the past two years. Professional Service and Memberships (last four years) Member, American Society of Plant Biologists (five year service on Publications Committee concluded Dec. 2011) Reviewed grant proposals submitted to NIH, NSF, the American Cancer Society, and the University of California MEXUS grants program Reviewed publications submitted for publication to Cytoskeleton, Developmental Cell, Current Biology, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, The Plant Journal, The Plant Cell, Protoplasma, Development, and Molecular Biology of the Cell Member, Editorial Board, Cytoskeleton (since 2010) Member, Editorial Board, Frontiers in Plant Cell Biology (since 2011) Vice Chair (2010) and Chair (2012) of Gordon Research Conference on Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton (elected by conference participants in 2008) Invited Talks (selected from 13 total given in last four years) Keystone Symposium: Receptors and Signaling in Plant Development and Biotic Interactions, Tahoe City, CA, 03/10. Title: “A Receptor-Like Kinase Promotes the Polarization of Asymmetric Cell Divisions in the Maize Leaf Epidermis”. University of California Berkeley Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, Berkeley, CA 04/10. Title: “Plant Cell Polarization in Response to Extrinsic Cues”. 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Cell Biologists, Symposium on Cytoskeletal Dynamics, Philadelphia, PA 12/10: “Cytoskeletal Regulation of Symmetric and Asymmetric Division Planes in Plant Cells”. Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference on Plant Cell and Developmental Biology, Suzhou, China 06/11: “Polarization of asymmetric cell division in maize by leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinases and ROP GTPases.” Plant Biology 2011 (annual meeting of American Society of Plant Biologists), Minisymposium on Cell Division & Expansion, 08/11: “Polarization of asymmetric cell division in maize by leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinases and ROP GTPases”. 2012 Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting, Santa Cruz, CA 8/12: “Polarization of cell division in maize by receptor-like proteins and Rho family GTPases”


University of California Davis, Molecular Biology Seminar Series, Davis, CA, 10/12: “Polarization of cell division and growth in the maize leaf epidermis” Publications (peer reviewed, last four years) Cartwright, H.N., Humphries, J.A. and Smith, L.G. (2009). PAN1: A receptor-like protein that promotes polarization of an asymmetric division in maize. Science 323:649-651. Featured in dispatch in 30 Jan. 2009 issue of Science and identified as a “Must Read” paper by Faculty of 1000 (2 reviews, average impact factor 4.8). Wright, A.J., Gallagher, K., and Smith, L.G. (2009). discordia1 and alternate discordia1 function redundantly at the cortical division site to promote preprophase band formation and orient division planes in maize. Plant Cell 21:234-247. Müller, S., Wright, A.J., and Smith, L.G. (2009). Division plane control in plants: new players in the band. Trends Cell Biol., 19:180-188 (review article). Delgado-Álvarez, D.L., Callejas-Negrete, O.A., Gómez, N., Freitag, M., Roberson, R.W., Smith, L.G., Mouriño-Pérez, R.R. (2010). Vizualization of F-actin localization and dynamics with live cell markers in Neurospora crassa. Fungal Genetics and Biology, 47:573-586. Rasmussen, C.G., Sun, B., and Smith, L.G. (2011). TANGLED localization at the cortical division site of plant cells occurs by several mechanisms. J. Cell Sci. 124:270-279. Rasmussen, C.G., Humphries, J.A., and Smith, L.G. (2011). Determination of symmetric and asymmetric division planes in plant cells. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 62:387-409 (review article). Humphries, J.A, Vejlupkova, Z., Luo, A., Meeley, R.B., Sylvester, A.W., Fowler, J.E., and Smith, L.G. (2011). ROP GTPases act with the receptor-like protein PAN1 to polarize asymmetric cell division in maize. Plant Cell, 23:2273-2284. Featured in “In Brief” piece appearing in same issue of The Plant Cell and selected for review by Faculty of 1000 (1 review, impact factor 6) Facette, M., and Smith, L.G. (2012). Division polarity in developing stomata. Curr. Op. Plant Biol., 15:585-592 (review article). Zhang, X., Facette, M., Humphries, J.A., Shen, X., Park, Y., Sutimantanapi, D., Sylvester, A.W., Briggs, S.P. and Smith, L.G. (2012). Identification of PAN2 by quantitative proteomics as a LRRRLK acting upstream of PAN1 to polarize cell division in maize. Plant Cell, 24:4577-4589. Featured in “In Brief” piece appearing in same issue of The Plant Cell.


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