Daniel Brunette - October 16 2013 Luncheon Presentation

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Canadian Society of Association Executives 16 October, 2013

Successful Fundraising Strategies

Daniel P. Brunette President, AFP Ottawa Chapter Manager, Development and Donor Services,

      

Setting the stage Terminology Prime motivators The big questions The big mistakes Q&A Resources

Landscape 

86,422 Charities (+ Qualified Donees)

75,000 Not-for-profits without Charitable status

2844 Charities in the National Capital Region

84% of the population aged 15 and over give (+/- 24 Million people).*

$10.6 billion given annually by individuals.*

$446 per donor on average per year, virtually unchanged from 2007.*

* = Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participation , Statistics Canada 2010

HR Council (Not-For-Profit Sector)  75% of Not-for-Profits have less than 10 employees  76% of Not-for-Profits Sector employees are women

 89% self-identified as White or Caucasian  88% are satisfied with their job  30% (+/-) have been with their employer 10 +years

      

Individuals & Families Private and Public Foundations Other Qualified Donees Government Employee Groups Associations/Clubs Corporations / Businesses (Philanthropy vs. Sponsorship)

 Compassion for those in need (89%)  Personal belief in a cause and desire to help (85%)  Desire to contribute to their communities (79%)  Personally affected by an organization’s cause (61%)  Religious obligations or beliefs (29%)  Income tax credit (23%).  Top reason people do not give… They are not asked!!!

Seven Faces of Philanthropy - Russ Alan Prince, and Karen Maru File, 1994

      

Communitarian Devout Investors Socialite Repayer Altruist Dynast

(26%): (21%): (15%): (11%): (10%): (9%): (8%):

Doing Doing Doing Doing Doing Doing Doing

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

where you belong is God’s Will is Good Business Is Fun in Return Feels Right Is a FamilyTradition

Arts and Culture 1 %

Law, advocacy and politics 1%

Universities and Colleges

Development and


Housing 1% Other Groups 1% Sports and Recreation 2%

Religion 40%

Education & Research 3% Environment 3% Grant making, Fundraising & voluntarism 6%

Disaster relief 20%

Hospital 6%

International Aid 8% Health 15% Social Services 11%

Why fundraise?  Operations  Core programming  Special Projects  Grantmaking  Endowments /Investment Funds /Reserves

 Partnerships

How do you do it?


Revenue Generation – Fundraising -Philanthropy

How do you do it? Revenue Generation / Fundraising / Philanthropy  Membership fees  Membership categories  Membership “top up” donation  Cross promotion within communications

 Job postings  Sponsorships  Event fees conference, trade shows, cross promotion, price differentials)

How do you do it?


Revenue Generation – Fundraising -Philanthropy  Cash gifts (receiptable or non receiptable)  Cost Reduction  In-Kind gifts  Legacy Gifts  3rd party events  Foundation model  Other

What is important?  Value Proposition / Case for Support  Information Management  Process management  The Elevator Pitch  Subject matter knowledge  Audience knowledge  The ask (Right person, right time, right way, right amount)

 Ethics & Transparency  Relationships




Maybe Discovery




Thank you

No…for now


C apacity A ffinity T imeframe & P ersonal notes L inks to people and cause A ffluence indicators T ype of gifts T ype of philanthropist/member E njoyable things /Hobbies R ed Flags

◦ Memberships ◦ court ordered transfer of property to a charity; ◦ the payment of a basic fee for admission to an event or to a program; ◦ the payment of membership fees that convey the right to attend events, receive literature, receive services, or be eligible for entitlements of any material value that exceeds 80% of the value of the payment; ◦ a payment for a lottery ticket or other chance to win a prize ◦ the purchase of goods or services from a charity; ◦ Advantage or consideration exceeds 80% of the value of the donation;

◦ Advantage or consideration exceeds 80% of the value of the donation; ◦ a gift in kind for which the fair market value cannot be determined; ◦ donations provided in exchange for advertising/sponsorship; ◦ gifts of services (for example, donated time, labour); ◦ gifts of promises (for example, gift certificates donated by the issuer) ◦ pledges; ◦ loans of property; ◦ use of a timeshare; and the lease of premises.

#2 Lack of planning (Strategic, Funding etc)

#3 Failure to keep good records

#4 Ineffective Board or lack of governance

#5 Failure to invest in talent/expertise ◦ CRA, PIPEDA, CNCA etc

    

 

Pre & post meeting discussions Research profiles at the meeting Crisis Management Plan CRA Filing and Compliance Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) Canada Not-For-Profit Corporation Act (CNCA) Etc…

Learn from them!

Pro-Bono work

Delegates and/or ambassadors

Professional Advisors to Charities or Community causes

Speaker Bureau of key influencers / Speakers

Advocacy efforts for the NFP Sector

College and University Clubs

Mentorship programs

1-Luck is when planning meets opportunity (Seneca –Greek philosopher) 2-What’s your Iowa? (Betsy Myers) 3-“Don’t fear the reaper…” (Blue Oyster Cult) 4- Play where the puck will be. (Wayne Gretzky) 5-Two certainties in life, death and taxes…Philanthropy can help with both. And... ***The HBB (hit by a bus) rule overrules ***

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Association of Fundraising Professionals: www.afpnet.org Canada Revenue Agency: www.cra-arc.gc.ca/charitylists/ Charity Village: www.charityvillage.com Imagine Canada: www.sectorsource.ca/ CFRE Reading List: www.cfre.org/pdf/CFRE-Reading-List.pdf Global Philanthropy: www.globalphilanthropy.ca AFP Ottawa Chapter Office c/o Jessica Harris The Willow Group 1485 Laperriere Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 7S8 Phone: 613-590-1412 E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you! Daniel P. Brunette [email protected] 613-236-1616 ext. 224

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