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Membership Activities

Darrel Chong Vice Chair, Membership Activities Chair, Membership Development 1 March 2014 Kuching, Malaysia

The membership activities committee is structured to support members’ lifecycle

Members’ Lifecycle Supported





(Om, Pasan)




WIE (Takako)

IBSC (Michael)

SC Support (Elmer)

Awards (Kukjin)

Membership Activities’ overarching objectives PUSH – PULL - IMPROVE 1.

PUSH: Create awareness of the IEEE’s values to members


PULL: Regularly engage our members so that we listen and understand their needs.


IMPROVE: Identify our gaps and seek proactive ways to enhance our members’ experience

Section health is extremely important. You are our frontline leaders. As of 31 Dec 2013 for Region 10 o

57 Sections (0 formed in 2013)


18 Sub-sections (1 formed in 2013)


6 Councils (0 formed in 2013)


542 Chapters (37 formed, 10 Dissolved in 2013)


1,070 Student branches (112 formed in 2013)


291 Student branch chapters (89 formed in 2013)


27 GOLD Affinity groups (0 formed, 1 Dissolved in 2013)


25 WIE Affinity groups (0 formed, 1 dissolved in 2013)


5 Life Member Affinity group (0 formed in 2013)

R10 Membership grew above global average in 2013 o

Higher grade

R10 +1,400 vs. Total (2,000)



R10 +2,400 vs. Total +2,000



R10 + 1,500 vs. Total +2,300

R10 Young Professionals (GOLD) grew at 10.8% … above global average

R10 WIE grew at 19.7% … above global average

Ranking countries by higher-grade membership. India, Japan, China, Australia are among the top 10.

Benefits of IEEE Membership – find out by country, by member-cycle! You will see six categories of benefits !


Members from 21 countries in R10 are eligible for e-membership The e-Membership option is available to new and renewing members who reside in countries where the per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) does not exceed US$15,000 (per United Nations Guidelines). Annual base dues with e-Membership are just US$50*. Benefits


Traditional Membership

Membership Card

electronic (PDF)


IEEE Spectrum


print & electronic

The Institute NL


print & electronic

Potentials Mag.


print & electronic

All other benefits of membership

no change

no change



Annual base dues

*IEEE membership dues also carry a regional activities assessment based on your country, and can be US$4, US$5 or US$13 additional depending on where you live. This assessment is the same whether you choose electronic or traditional membership

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Bangladesh Bhutan Cambodia China North Korea Fiji India Indonesia Laos People’s Democratic Republic Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Pakistan Papua New Guinea Philippines Sri Lanka Thailand Timor-Leste Vietnam

Senior Member Elevation Why the Senior Member Initiative: The higher the grade, the more likely members retain their membership, and also volunteer. IEEE Grade

2012 Membership Year Retention Rate

Fellow Life Fellow Life Member Life Senior Member Senior Member Member Associate Member Student Graduate Student Member

98.9% 95.4% 93.5% 93.1% 96.2% 78.7% 66.7% 30.9% 67.8%


COM Description


Annoucement Type date

Larry K.Wilson 1 SAC Award R10 Larry winner K.Wilson AwardRecognition winner Jun-13 Exemplary 2 Student SAC R10 Branch Exemplary AwardStudent Branch Recognition Award Jun-13 Student 3 Website SAC Competition R10 Student Website Competition Contest


UG Paper 4 Contest SAC R10 UG Paper Contest



PG Paper 5 Contest SAC R10 PG Paper Contest




R10 Membership Activities offers 26 grants, awards & recognition, and contests to R10 sections and members on top of the HQ-level activities.

Recognition Jun-13 Customised Plaque Customised Plaque 3 year complimentary 3 year complimentary Recognition Jun-13 $250 $250 A customised Certificate A customised Certificate Contest Jun-13 1st Prize: US$500 + Certificate 1st Prize: US$500 + Certificate + Qualify for Inter-regional + Qualify for Inter-regional Website contest Website contest 2nd Prize: US$350 + Certificate 2nd Prize: US$350 + Certificate 3rd Prize: US$200 + Certificate 3rd Prize: US$200 + Certificate Contest Jun-13 1st Prize: USD 300 + certificate 1st Prize: USD 300 + certificate 2nd Prize: USD 200 + certificate 2nd Prize: USD 200 + certificate 3rd Prize: USD 150 + certificate 3rd Prize: USD 150 + certificate Contest Jun-13 1st Prize: USD 350 + certificate 1st Prize: USD 350 + certificate 2nd Prize: USD 300 + certificate 2nd Prize: USD 300 + certificate 3rd Prize: USD 200 + certificate 3rd Prize: USD 200 + certificate

GINI grants 6 SAC / Section R10Support GINI grants grants / Section Grants Support grants Dec-13 Grants Re-activate 7 SAC / FormR10 NewRe-activate Student branches / Form New Grants Student branches Dec-13 Grants initiatives 8 SAC grant toNew increase initiatives retention grant to increase Grants retention Dec-13 Grants GOLD 9Affinity GOLD Group R10Award GOLD Affinity Group Award Recognition 15 November, Recognition 2013 GOLD 10 Individual GOLD Award R10 GOLD Individual Award Recognition 22 November, Recognition 2013 GOLD 11 Initiatives GOLD Grant R10 GOLD Initiatives Grant Grant Grant WIE AG 12of the WIEYearR10 Award WIE AG of the Year Award Recognition September Recognition 1st week WIE SB13AG Award WIE R10 WIE SB AG Award Recognition September Recognition 1st week WIE GOLD/Volunteer 14 WIE R10Award WIE GOLD/Volunteer Recognition Award DecemberRecognition 1st week WIE Student 15 WIE Volunteer R10 WIE Award Student VolunteerRecognition Award DecemberRecognition 1st week WIE Fund 16 WIE R10 WIE Fund Grant End of June Grant WIE Best 17 Paper WIE Award R10 WIE at TENCON2013 Best Paper AwardContest at TENCON2013 Oct. 25thContest (at on 10 18 IB&SCIBSC Survey Region and Feedbacks 10 IB&SC Survey and Survey Feedbacks30 September, Survey2013 on 10 19 IB&SCIBSC Best Benefits Region 10 Schemes IB&SC Best by Benefits Recognition Schemes15 byDecember, Recognition 2013 ion Section

Distinguished 20 ARC Large R10 Section Distinguished Award Large Section Recognition Award30-Jun Distinguished 21 ARC Small R10Section Distinguished Award Small Recognition Section Award 30-Sep Outstanding 22 ARC Volunteer R10 Outstanding Award Volunteer Recognition Award 30-Sep Outstanding 23 MDC Membership R10 Outstanding ActivitiesMembership by Recognition ActivitiesOctober by ion (Project Brilliant) Section (Project Brilliant)

Annoucement Rewards date

Recognition Recognition Recognition Recognition

Dec-13 Grant of $3,000 in totalGrant of $3,000 in total Dec-13 Grant of $1,800 in totalGrant of $1,800 in total Dec-13 Grant of $1,400 in totalGrant of $1,400 in total 15 Cash November, Prize $500 2013 Plaque Cash Prize $500 Plaque 22 Certificate November, 2013 Certificate $ $ 4,850 4,850 September $ 1st week $ 250 250 September $ 1st week $ 250 250 December Certificate1st week Certificate December Certificate1st week Certificate End $ of June $ 9,000 9,000 Oct. $ 25th (at $ 100 100 30 Cash September, Prize of 32013 x 200USD Cash Prize of 3 x 200USD 15 1stDecember, prize = 500USD, 2013 1st prize = 500USD, 2nd prize = 300USD, 2nd prize = 300USD, 3rd prize = 200USD 3rd prize = 200USD 30-Jun $ $ 1,000 1,000 30-Sep $ $ 1,000 1,000 30-Sep Up to USD $700 for theUp first to USD $700 for the first October $250 per outstanding $250 per outstanding membership activity. membership activity. Award up to 20 awards, Award 5 perup to 20 awards, 5 per

IEEE Web Resources Join IEEE membership: www.ieee.org/join Renew IEEE membership: www.ieee.org/renew Welcome to IEEE for New Member: www.ieee.org/start Benefits of IEEE membership: www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/benefits/index.html

Member Grade Elevation: www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/grade_elevation.html Senior Member Elevation: www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/senior/index.html

2013 IEEE Membership & Society Membership Dues: www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/join_dues.html

Memberships & Subscriptions Catalog: http://www.ieee.org/membership-catalog/index.html?N=0

e-Membership: http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/emember.html

IEEE Society Memberships (list of IEEE Societies with links to each site): www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/societies/society_memberships.html Societies/Communities: www.ieee.org/societies_communities/index.html#sect1

Membership & Services: http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/index.html Education & Careers: http://www.ieee.org/education_careers/index.html

IEEE Web Resources - Continued IEEE Contact Center: www.ieee.org/contactcenter IEEE Support Center Home: https://supportcenter.ieee.org/ IEEE Master Brand and Logos: http://www.ieee.org/about/toolkit/masterbrand/index.html IEEE Brand Toolkit: www.ieee.org/about/toolkit/index.html Center for Leadership Excellence: http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/officer_training/quick_start.html

Resources for Geographic Unit Officers: www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/resources/index.html?WT.mc_id=soc_guo

Resources for Volunteers: http://www.ieee.org/about/volunteers/index.html?WT.mc_id=rfm_vol About IEEE: http://www.ieee.org/about/index.html

Student Competitions: http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/students/competitions/index.html

MGA is transitioning the SCOOP newsletter to MGA News Web page http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/mga_news.html

MD Web Portal: www.ieee.org/md MD Kit Order Form: www.ieee.org/md SAMIEEE/Analytics Tool: www.ieee.org/samieee

R10 Annual General Meeting

Name: Takako Hashimoto, Coordinator Committee: 2013-2014 R10 Women In Engineering 1-2 March 2014 Kuching, Malaysia

R10 WIE membership is growing smoothly! R10

WIE Membership 6,640


6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000


3,214 3,002


3,221 2,679









0 Nov. 2011

Taipei Section R1-6 WIE R7 was formed. Kansai Section WIE will be formed soon. 17

Xi’an Section has 02/20/13 started forming WIE


# of WIE356 AGs in R10

Nov. 2012 200 R8


150 100 50

Nov. 2013




122 94 21




0 Nov. 2010 Nov. 2011 Nov. 2012 Nov. Dec. 2013 Section WIE


Sections do not have Section WIE AGs Still 26 sections do not have Section WIE • • • • • • • • • • • •


Australia Council Australian Capital Territory Beijing Chengdu Daejeon Fukuoka Harbin Hiroshima Karachi Kwangju Macau Nagoya

•New Zealand Central •New Zealand North •New Zealand South •Northern Australia •Republic of Philippines •Sendai, Shikoku •Shinetsu •SriLanka •Taegu •Tokyo •Uttar Pradesh •Vietnam •Wuhan •Xian

Please promote WIE AG(s) formation in your Section!


R10 WIE support Fund o

Basic Policy o So far, R10 WIE supported WIE Section/SB AGs directly by selecting projects sent by them

o R10 would like to support SECTIONS so that SECTIONS can promote WIE activities more comprehensively and strategically o We call for project proposals from SECTIONs. Namely, project proposers should be SECTIONs

Please lead WIE activities in your SECTION!

2014 IEEE Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting

Name: Om Perkash & Pasan Pethiyagode Committee: Student Activities Committee March 1, 2014 Kuching, Malaysia

ATT: SECTION CHAIRS Please fill the Student Activities Information form on your desk. RSAC and RSR information will help us communicate better with your Section SAC team We will collect it back from you during lunch break. Thanks. R10 Student Activities Committee

Student Activities Committee Committee Structure

1.Chair: Om Perkash 2.Members: Pasan Pethiyagode, Prof. Takao Onoye, Arjun Pillai, Arjun Narain, ManZhang, Esther Ling, Sai Ram


1.Understand the needs of student members in region and create student activities to engage them for better future 2.Increase student membership in growing countries and collaborate with GOLD for successful transition of students 3.Increase interaction between Region to Sections ad Sections to Student branches

Projects / Tasks

1. Coordinate regular award/recognition activities 2. Establish sub-region wide student networks and provide platform to student members in order to increase the collaboration between Region->Section, Section->SBs, SBs > Students / volunteers 3. Re-activate and Re-engage student branches who are inactive to encounter the problem of student retention and inactive student branches.


1. Project 1: $3,500 2. Project 2: $3,000 3. Project 3: $2,000 4. Travel Expense: $6,500 (RSAC$3,500+RSR$3,000) Total Proposed Budget: $15,000 (RSAC+RSR)

Project / Task Measurable

Project 1 a.Number of inputs b.Quality of submissions/winners c.Recognition and feedback of new ventures d.New website to support these initiatives and provide information in innovative way Project 2 a.Number of GSMs/STMs b.Number/quality of coordinated IEEE student events c.Amount of information exchanged through the framework d.Online survey of student members regarding understanding of/satisfaction to IEEE Project 3 a.Number of student branches re-activated b.Number of new student members joined c.Number of years SB continued to remain active d.Measure retention rate over 3 years span


1.Project 1: Completion by December 2014 2.Project 2: Completion by December 2014 3.Project 3: Completion by December 2014

Student Membership Statistics (Jan 2014) 2014 January R10 Total Membership: 115,337 – 54,540 (47.28%) are Students ---- 2.28% increase!  In 2013: 48,153 (45%) were Students

54,540 Total Student membership – 16,581 GSM members – 37, 959 Student members 126, 541 Global Student Membership – 54,540 (43%) are in R10  2013: 41% . – 29% is the Global Average of Students in Regions  22% in 2013

Student Branches Statistics (Dec 2013) 2,516 Global Student Branches – 1059 (42%) Student Branches belongs to R10  In 2013: 949 Student Branches (40%) belongs to R10 – 400+ Student Branches have
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