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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Archery Instructor Award Paul Whiteman Nov 2012

Background • Several meetings in late 2010 / early 2011 • Consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders including;

– National Coaching Committee, Scout Association, Current Tutors, YMCA, Girl Guiding, Kingswood, 1st4sport, National Centre Skills Active, PGL, Training & Activity, CentreRock UK, Deer Park Archers, Sports Coach UK, In2Action, et al

Outcome of Consultation • Consensus – – – –

Greater focus/more appropriate content More modern course Shorter course (2 days if possible) Cost not a particular issue

Evolution rather than Revolution

Pilots • September 2011 – Kent (Kingswood) • January 2012 – Gloucestershire (Scout Leaders)

• Both pilots raised issues and resulted in revision of the course

Overview of the Instructor Award DAY 1 (TECHNICAL)

LUNCH Introduction

Model session

Overview of course

Preparation for day 2

Overview of the Instructor Award DAY 2 (LEARNING) Recap of Day 1 and Introduction to Day 2 Equipment Range layout Risk assessment Starting a session Building rapport Safety briefing Explanation Demonstration 5 phases LUNCH Guided shooting practice observation Free shooting Analyse Games Feedback Conclude sessions Review sessions Recap Equipment practice Multiple choice test

Overview of the Instructor Award DAY 3 (APPLICATION AND ASSESSMENT) Recap of Day 2 and Introduction to Day 3 Accelerating learning: Adapting sessions: Making sessions fun: Games Managing behaviour: Equipment Risk assessment Starting sessions Running a warm-up LUNCH Practical assessment of safety briefing, demonstration, guided shooting, free shooting and concluding session (20 mins per instructor) Review

Conclude course

Detailed programme OUTCOME Session 10: Games and feedback Instructors should be able to:  experience use of games in optimising learning and enjoyment  provide feedback (45 mins)






2 groups of 6. Hand out game cards and invite one instructor from each group to set up and run the game, half group to take part and remainder to observe and then analyse: one participant for technical action, for abiding by rules, for safety etc Ask observing group to identify what observed, then their analysis and their recommended action. Introduce how to give feedback by inviting group to reflect on way they have received feedback from both the tutor and their peers. Show feedback laminate and invite each observer to go to provide feedback to their assigned participant. Change round so all get chance to be involved in game (as instructor or participant) and to observe, then analyse and finally give feedback

RESOURCES Tutor selects games, one could be one from model session from Day 1, could be ones shown in fact file or your own (if latter, need to make a hard copy for instructors who are delivering) Games fact file Feedback laminate

Example of support resources


Assessment • Multiple choice paper at the end of Day 2 6.

If you find equipment is unsafe you should: (tick one answer)


Use it carefully


Use it carefully and report it


Report it and not use it


Record damage


b and d

1 mark

• Independent Assessor on Day 3 • Action Plan for anyone who is unable to meet the standard and is referred

Roll Out • Following two reviews and consultation with NCC – Small scale roll out

– 12 courses over next 8 months – Expect minor adjustments as a result

Tutors • Tutors for the new award will need induction • Tutor recruitment will take place in phases • We will be recruiting existing tutors and also looking for new ones from Level 2 upwards • Tutors delivering on a commercial or semi commercial basis will be prioritised – 10 people deliver 60% of current courses – 52 people deliver 40% of current courses

Renewal • Three year renewal as now • Online renewal process

• Renewal module to ensure continued understanding

Equipment Maintenance

• Standalone module for equipment maintenance will be developed

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