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Curriculum Vitae Dennis B. Warner Education 1973 Ph.D. 1968 Engineer 1966 M.Sc. 1963 B.Sc. 1963 B.A.

Civil Engineering (engineering-economic planning) Civil Engineering (engineering-economic planning) Civil Engineering (hydraulics & hydrology) Civil Engineering Liberal Arts & Sciences (history)

Stanford University Stanford University University of Illinois University of Illinois University of Illinois

Employment 2004 – Present Senior Technical Advisor – Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources, Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore MD (USA).  Responsible for technical support to six CRS regions and 100 country programs in water supply, sanitation and water resources development.  Active involvement in regional strategy formulation, technical design standards, proposal development and field project reviews.  Member of the Board of the Millennium Water Alliance and member of the MWA Executive Committee. 1998 – 2004 Independent Consultant in international development planning and evaluation, water supply and sanitation, environmental health, emergency response and disaster preparedness, water resources development. Recent assignments:  Catholic Relief Services, Cameroon Country Office. Water supply, sanitation and environmental health consultant on Garoua Well-Drilling and Kousseri Primary Health Care Projects in northern Cameroon. Dec 2003-Jan 2004.  Catholic Relief Services, East Africa Regional Office. Trainer on CRS Regional Workshop on Multiple Uses of Water and Sanitation and senior advisor on development of a CRS regional water and sanitation strategy. Kenya, Sept-Oct 2003.  Catholic Relief Services, East Africa Regional Office. Trainer on the USAID Title II Training Workshop on Multiple Use of Water and Sanitation in Ethiopia. Mar 2003.  Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, Washington, D.C. Disaster operations specialist and senior water and sanitation expert. Served on DART team in Iraq (April-June 2003) for humanitarian relief and reconstruction assistance. Washington, DC, June 2002-Nov 2003.  CARE, Atlanta (USA). Author of CARE manual: Environmental Guidelines for Small Water Supply and Sanitation Projects. June 2002.  WHO, Geneva. Water supply and sanitation expert on cholera control team in Zanzibar, Mar-Apr 2002.  Camp Dresser & McKee Intl Inc., Arlington VA (USA). Water supply and sanitation expert on a team developing assessment tools for national sanitation policies. Oct 2001-July 2002.  Catholic Relief Services, East Africa Regional Office. Workshop facilitator and advisor on regional water supply and sanitation strategy development. Addis Ababa and Nairobi, Aug-Oct 2001.  USAID, Ethiopia Mission. Workshop facilitator and advisor on development of water supply and sanitation strategies in the USAID Title II program in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa, July-Aug 2001.  WHO, South-East Asia Regional Office. Planner of WHO regional strategy for water supply and sanitation in emergencies. New Delhi, July 2001.  WHO, Geneva. Field adviser and program reviewer for WHO water supply, sanitation and environmental health assistance to the Gujarat (India) earthquake relief effort. Bhuj (India), Feb-June 2001.  CARE, Atlanta (USA). Trainer and resource person for the Title II Water and Sanitation Workshop. San Salvador (El Salvador), Sept 2000  Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Geneva. Communications consultant for the Fifth Global Forum at Foz do Iguacu (Brazil). Geneva, July-Dec 2000.  IFRC, Geneva. Technical facilitator and rapporteur of Workshop on the Technical Lessons Learned in the 1999 Balkans Crisis. Geneva, July 2000  WHO, Africa Regional Office, Harare (Zimbabwe). Author of millenium sector assessment (year 2000) of water and sanitation services in the WHO Africa region. Apr-May 2000.  WHO, Geneva (Switzerland). Technical reviewer of Global 2000 Water and Sanitation Sector Assessment. Apr-May 2000.  Pax Christi International, Brussels (Belgium). Permanent Representative of Pax Christi International at the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland). Participated on behalf of Pax Christi in meetings of the UN Commission on Human Rights and other UN agencies and NGOs. Geneva, Feb-Dec 2000.  Winrock International, Arlington VA (USA). Team leader of a USAID-sponsored environmental study of water supply and sanitation activities within the Title II (Food Security) programme in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Jan 1999-Mar 2000.  WHO, Geneva. Technical reviewer and editor of the WHO manual: Environmental Health Guidelines in Emergencies. Sept-

CV: DBWarner

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Oct 1999. UNHCR, Geneva. Coordinator of water supply and sanitation services in all refugee camps in Macedonia during the Kosovo crisis. Skopje (Macedonia), May-Aug 1999. WHO, Geneva. Technical facilitator of the Uganda National Workshop on Operation and Maintenance for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Services. Jinja (Uganda), Mar-Apr 1999 WHO, Geneva. Technical facilitator of the Tanzania National Workshop on Operation and Maintenance of Urban and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Systems. Morogoro (Tanzania), March 1999. CARE, Atlanta (USA). Author of chapter on “Sanitation and Hygiene Education” for Best Practice Sourcebook on Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health. July-Sept 1998. US Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Environmental Health, Atlanta (USA). Appointment as Expert to review issues and trends in global water and sanitation systems and to identify opportunities for CDC/NCEH strategic involvement. Aug 1998-Aug 1999. WHO, Africa Regional Office, Harare. Field investigator to incorporate environmental health interventions in cholera control programmes. Rwanda, Zambia and Mozambique, July-Aug 1998. Oxford University Press, New York. Author of article on “Sanitation” for the Encyclopedia of Global Change, (published 2000). WHO, Geneva. Field investigator to promote operation and maintenance workshops for water supply and sanitation in Tanzania and Uganda. May-June 1998

1989 – 1998 Chief, Water, Sanitation and Health Unit (1998), Chief, Rural Environmental Health Unit (1993-98), Manager, Community Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (1989-93), World Health Organization, Geneva (Switzerland).  Responsible for formulation of global policies on water supply, sanitation and rural environmental health; directed the provision of technical services to six regional offices and 180 Member States; liaison with multilateral and bilateral agencies and NGOs.  Supervised up to 30 technical and administrative staff, with annual operational (non-salary) budgets exceeding US $1,000,000.  WHO representative to ACC Subcommittee on Water Resources, UN Interagency Subcommittee on Water Supply and Sanitation, Inter-Agency Group on Water in Africa, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Global Water Partnership, IRC International Governing Board and UNICEF-WHO Joint Committee on Health Policy.  Responsible for the design and technical support of the AFRICA 2000 Initiative for Water Supply and Sanitation.  Active involvement in project planning, technical development and advisory services for national water and sanitation programmes, low-cost sanitation services, hygiene education, disease control, emergency response, water and sanitation monitoring, research investigations and national environmental health programmes.  Focal point for emergencies and disaster response within the Programme on Environmental Health: responsible for the development of WHO environmental health response and the identification of appropriate personnel. 1988 – 1989 Consultant (full-time), Water and Sanitation Division, World Bank, Washington, DC (USA).  Formulated water supply and sanitation research topics; guided field study of community-based water systems in the USA; co-authored report on community management of water supply and sanitation systems; prepared documentation for the first ESA Collaborative Council meeting. 1980 – 1988 Director (1981-84) and Deputy Director (1984-88), USAID Water and Sanitation for Health (WASH) Project, Camp Dresser & McKee Intl Inc, Washington DC (USA).  Responsible for management and direction of contractor and up to six sub-contractors providing technical support in water supply and sanitation to USAID/Washington and over 100 USAID missions around the world.  Supervised up to 25 technical and administrative staff, plus sub-contractors and consultants, with an annual budget exceeding US $2,500,000.  Active involvement in national water and sanitation planning, emergency response, project planning and evaluation, research investigations and information development.  Participated in field missions for national water supply and sanitation planning in Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Malawi, Swaziland, Central African Republic, Zaire, Yemen, Burma and Thailand. 1978 – 1980 Senior Project Engineer, Gannett Fleming Corddry & Carpenter Inc, Harrisburg PA (USA).  Responsible for technical direction of GFCC involvement in the preparation of a UNDP-sponsored development plan of the

CV: DBWarner


Lake Chad Basin in Central Africa. Responsible for technical direction of a USEPA-sponsored environmental study of the Susquehannah River Basin in Pennsylvania.

1975 – 1979 Independent Consultant  Philippines – Evaluation expert for the design of an impact study of provincial city (LWUA) water supply projects financed by USAID (Oct-Nov 1985).  Malaysia – Water supply engineer for the evaluation of the Penang water supply system financed by the Asian Development Bank (Dec 1976-Mar 1977).  Lesotho – Water supply engineer for the design of the Lesotho Rural Water Supply Program financed by USAID (May-July 1977).  Sri Lanka - Deputy team leader for the preparation of the Sri Lanka Water Supply and Sanitation Decade Plan financed by USAID (June-Sept 1979).  Technical adviser to the USAID Knowledge Synthesis Project for Water Supply and Sanitation (1976-1978). 1974 – 1978 President, Public Systems Associates Inc, Durham NC (USA).  Founder and chief executive officer of firm established to provide development planning services to national and international organizations. 1973 – 1978 Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Duke University, Durham NC (USA).  Taught courses and conducted research on hydrology, engineering-economic planning and resource recovery from solid wastes. 1971 – 1973 Sanitary Engineer, World Health Organization, Entebbe (Uganda).  Adviser to the Ugandan Ministry of Health on issues of water supply, sanitation and environmental health services. Honorary Lecturer in civil engineering at Makerere University, Kampala. 1968 – 1970 Research Fellow, Economic Research Bureau, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).  Conducted field research studies into the development impact of water supply improvements on Tanzanian villages. 1964 – 1966 Hydrologist, U.S. Peace Corps, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).  Worked with the Tanzanian Department of Water Development and Irrigation: constructed stream gauging stations; established computerized hydrologic data records; carried out hydrologic field research; conducted training in hydrologic field procedures, project analysis and advanced maths. Professional Associations American Society of Civil Engineers (1964 to present), Life Member Professional Engineer, State of North Carolina (1977 to present) Board Member, Historical Commission, City of Falls Church, Virginia (2002-present) Board Member, Friends of Tanzania (Washington, DC) (2001-2005) Board Member, Pax Christi (Metro DC) (2001-present) Board Member, Holy Land Christians Society (McLean, Virginia) (2003 to present) Chairman, Interfaith Committee of Greater Arlington (2001 to 2003) National Council for International Health (Vice-Chair 1987; Secretary 1985-86) Member of International Governing Board of IRC International (The Hague) (1989-98) Member of Technical Advisory Board of Water Planet (Stockholm) (1994-98) Member, International Water Resources Association (1996 to 2002) Board Member, Inter-American Association of Sanitary Engineering (1986-87) Member, Water Environment Federation (2006-7) Board Member, Millennium Water Alliance (2005 to present) Board Member, Global Water Challenge (2006 to present) Publications

CV: DBWarner


Numerous publications and professional presentations in the areas of international development, water supply and sanitation, international public health and water resources development. List available.

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