Delivering Dental Care to Rural DD Patients in Missouri * Elks

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Delivering Dental Care to Rural DD Patients in Missouri – Elks Mobile Dental Program John Dane, DDS, FAAHD, DBSCD Dental Director Truman Medical Center Lakewood April 2014 SCDA Conference

MISSION To provide basic dental care to developmentally disabled and physically challenged persons in Missouri without regard to their ability to pay.

GOALS Provide dental services to a most under served dental population Work in cooperation with Missouri Bureau of Special Health Care Needs and Department of Mental Health Coordinate efforts with the MO. Elks Association (BPOE)

Breaking Down Barriers Financial Transportation Willing/trained dentist Equipment Appointment time

History • Started in 1969 Missouri Department of Health and Missouri Elks Association (BPOE) • Elks purchased equipment DOH supplied the operational funding. • DOH operated program until 1977 – Contracted with Washington University SOD then added TMC/UMKC SOD in 1979 • 1981 TMC became sole provider.

Public/Private Partnership • Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust Major philanthropic effort • Missouri Departments of Health and Mental Health • UMKC/TMC educational and hospital support.


Children and adults who have developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) as identified by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities.

2. Individuals, must be screened for their eligibility and their ability to receive treatment in a mobile clinic with the aid of local anesthesia when indicated. The Missouri Elks urge all eligible individuals currently under the care of a private dentist to continue treatment with him/her. Dane, J; Elks Mobile Dental Program 201213

Staffing DentistDental Assistant

Staff takes on many roles. Patient care chair side reception administration unit repairs contact sponsors fund raising

Clinics in Operation Well designed coaches Instrument processing Supply storage Vacuum and compressors Wheelchair accessible 2 chairs minimum X-ray – digital or film based Patient records – EDR or paper

Mobile Dental Units Various Clinic configurations over the years Trailers Less expensive but required someone to move them More chairs (3) Self propelled units Winnebago type units International Harvesters Truck Commercial vehicles

Self Propelled Units Self propelled units Winnebago type units International Harvesters Truck Commercial vehicles

Patient Accessibility

Where to go? • Best locations are where DD patients already have contacts for services! – Regional Centers for DD – State Schools for DD – Sheltered Workshops – Group homes – Elks Lodges

Missouri has several counties with 1 or no dentists.

Missouri Elks Lodges

Lodges are in rural locations

Qualified Locations Must have Electrical Connections – 220volt 50 amp service Must have water – usually a garden hose faucet will do Sanitary Sewers – grey water disposal.

Schedule • Patients from every county in MO are seen (114) • Stops are from 2-10 weeks in length • 3 unit schedules, 41 locations in the State of Missouri • Based on demand – 30 visits • Moving units in a “circle” • Certain stays based on weather and time of year.

Contacting Customers • • • • • • • •

List from Mo Dept of MH Data base of patients seen Post cards, letters – parents/guardians Agency contacts Case Worker contacts Web page Emails Newspaper articles/radio spots

Where do the staff stay?

Financials 2013 • • • • • •

Personnel Travel/per diem Supplies – Repairs Office supplies Total

$209,658 (72%) $49,315 (17%) $20,546 (7%) $6,599 (2.2%) $6,038 (2%) $290,276

State Funding DHSS/Elks Mobile Unit Contract Contract totals $500,000.00 $400,000.00 $300,000.00 $200,000.00 $100,000.00 $0.00 2003

2004 2004


2007 2008

Fiscal Yr. Oct-Sep

Dane, J; Elks Mobile Dental Program 201213

Medicaid cuts for adult dental services effected the Program Medicaid reimbursement for care


*2005 MDCD Cuts $100,000.00 $80,000.00 $60,000.00 $40,000.00 $20,000.00 $2004




Fiscal Yr. Oct - Sep Dane, J; Elks Mobile Dental Program 201213


Financials Year

Patient Visits

Value of Care



















2008 (decreased funding)

Dane, J; Elks Mobile Dental Program 201213



Fund Raising • • • •

Direct Lobbying with State Legislature Funding from Local Board of Services for MR Grants from local philanthropy Hope Waivers

State Dental Board • Missouri Dental Board has regulated Mobile Dental Units since the 1980’s – requiring that dentists delivering care in nursing homes have a plan for follow up services • Complaints from local providers about school based programs • Several hearings with dental board regarding mobile services

Pearls • Keep mobile units simple • Be sure your plumbing is warm or dry • Dental equipment doesn’t like 20 miles of bad road • Be clear about your mission. • Work within the limitations of your practice • Keep your sponsors and agencies happy • Let people know about the value of the care you deliver • On board restrooms are not worth the trouble

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