Developing a Multichannel Planned Giving Marketing Plan

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Developing A Multichannel Planned Giving Marketing Plan Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE November 12, 2013

Session Objectives • Identify the best/most qualified PG prospects in your data base – Using wealth information and PG scoring models

• Understand the importance of multichannel— proactive marketing • Recognize the importance of using segmentation in PG Marketing • Discuss the seven steps to develop an Integrated Planned Giving Marketing Plan

Planned Giving Marketing Planned Giving in the Development Process

Your Objectives • Immediate impact – More gifts – Accelerated gift income

• Long-term, increase program performance

The Second Donor Pyramid Planned Giving

Major Giving Annual Giving

Planned Giving Marketing • Identify prospects who are ready for Moves Management (Face to Face) • Find prospects who are ready now

Three Stages of Planned Giving • Marketing • Gift Planning – What you need to know about PG to market PG

• Stewardship

Multichannel Integration

4 Steps for Multichannel Integration • • • •

Identify your best prospects Develop Segments for Marketing Implement a Marketing Program Qualify Individual Donors

Identifying Planned Giving Donor Prospects Giving Analysis Enhanced Data Scoring

Continuous Lifetime Giving The Giving Lifecycle

Dove, et al, 2002.

Purpose of Annual Giving • • • •

Secure New Donors Secure Annual Gifts Upgrade Existing Donors Identify Major and Planned Giving Prospects

Analyzing Annual Giving Behavior— File Analysis • Measures of Affinity – Loyalty, Passion, – If it’s about building a relationship, how do we measure the strength of that relationship?

• Measures of Ability – Wealth, Assets

• Need to look at total donor relationship

The Biggest Predictor… • Major Gifts – Annual gift size is the single largest predictor of future large gifts

• Planned Giving – Frequency of AF Giving is the single largest predictor of Planned Gifts

Every Annual Fund Donor is a Planned Gift Prospect • Every donor—has capacity to make a bequest • Many donors—have capacity to fund a charitable gift annuity (CGA) • Some donors—can also fund other gift instruments (charitable lead trust, charitable remainder trust, etc.)

• What data can we use to analyze the file? –Types of Analysis

Types of Analysis • Giving Patterns – Number of Gifts • Over a specified period

– Length of time on the file (LOTOF) – Age – Gender • more important for messaging than for selection

• RFM • High Affinity non-donors • Enhanced data selects

Donor Lifestage • Donors go through a cycle • Identify and target older, lapsing Annual Fund donors • Develop relationship with Institution • Begin Planned Gift Marketing • Annuitize Annual Fund Gift

Using Enhanced Data Wealth Information PG Scoring Models

Enhanced/Other Selects-External • Age • Wealth rating/Planned Giving indicators – You can help make these pay off! • Recent death in household • Donors to other charities • Lack of presence of living children (**) – James, 2008

• Birth of first grandchild – James, 2008

• Church Attendance – Rooney 2008

Donor Rating Scores • Point System • Pyramid • Passion Index

Planned Giving Prospect Matrix Wealth High


High $, Low Affinity

High $, High Affinity

If we could only get them to give us a million (Bill Gates, Joan Kroc)

You already know them. You have buildings named after them.

Low $, Low Affinity

Low $, High Affinity

You don’t want to spend money on them

They want to know more

Low High Donor Affinity/Philanthropic Intent

c 2005 Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

©Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners

Developing a Multichannel Planned Giving Marketing Plan

Step 1 File Segmentation For Planned Giving

Self-Selected or Proactive? • Proactive Marketing produces results and identifies more Planned Gifts.

The Most Important Factors • • • • •

Age Frequency of giving Length of Time on file (LOTOF) Recency of giving Other key Touch Points

PG Segmentation Hierarchy 1. Multi-year/multi-givers cut by age 2. Internal affinity scores •

Including Affinity Touch Points

3. PG scores 4. Use wealth rating if appropriate for gift

©2009 Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

What About Non-Donors? • High affinity non-donors • Donor loyalty scores • Affinity indicators – Based on Touch Points

Step 2 Which Type of Planned Gift?

Segmentation for Gifts • Age based gifts – Bequest, CGA, Retirement assets

• Wealth based gifts – Trust, DAF

• Other/Combination – Life Estate, Insurance, Deferred CGA, PIF

Age Based Gifts • Well…..Age (55 to 80) • Other analyses based on direct mail RFM analysis • Recency of giving (24 months) • Frequency of giving – Over a specified period (70%)—Sagrestano – Length of time on the file (LOTOF)

• Average gift is NOT important • Title/Gender—(dearth of results data)

Gifts of Wealth • • • • •

Length of time on the file (LOTOF) Largest one-time gift (LOTG) Total cumulative giving Wealth rating indicator Prospect research

At What Age, Wealth?

Dove, et al. 2002.

Step 3 What is the Purpose of the Message?

Purpose of the Marketing Message • • • •

Education Top of Mind Stewardship Call to Action/Ask

Step 4 Choose the Marketing Media

PG Marketing Methods • • • • • • • • •

Direct Mail Newsletters Web Telephone E-mail Press Releases Professional Networks Donor Seminars Face-to-face

Purpose of the Medium Marketing Channel


• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

Direct Mail piece, postcard Newsletter Website Email Magazine Telephone Visits Seminars, Events Professional Networks

Identify Educate Educate, Top of Mind Identify Top of Mind Qualify, Call to Action Qualify, Call to Action Educate, Qualify Educate, Identify, Top of Mind

Continuum of Direct Response INTERACTIVE

Face to Face

Telephone Call


Video Tape

Direct Mail

Mass Ads


Step 5 Develop a Donor Centered Message

Donor Centered Messaging • • • • • •

Crafting your legacy Unlock the value of your assets Using your real estate creatively Increase your retirement income Providing income to your elderly parents Paying for college for your children or grandchildren Sagrestano, 2008

PG Donor Clusters Adding the Donor’s Information

• • • • • • •

Cluster Marketing

Age Planned giving readiness Immediacy of Gifts Comfort with legacy/death Wealth Existing Legacy Society Member Board Members, Development Committee members, etc. • Assigned to a gift officer

Cluster Examples • Named you in will, is not decision maker • Donors who have included you in their estate plans and are over 80 • Loyal donor who has high wealth • Donors who indicated a concern about income who have requested CGA information • Donors who have a PG with another institution

Cluster Messaging • • • • • • •

Thank you’s Birthday cards Holiday Cards Donor milestones Program involved donors Travel donors Special planning/tax considerations

Step 6 Planning Your Strategy

Planned Giving Marketing Matrix Life Event Life Stage Theme Message Planned Gift Wealth Annual Fund






First Will Planning Education Education Wills CLT Involvement

Investment Earning Charitable Intent Top of Mind Bequests, CGAs CLT, Deferred CGA Growth

Retirement Responsibility Financial Planning Call to Action Bequests, CGA's CRT's, Deferred CGA AF Triage

Death of Spouse Security Affairs in Order Call to Action Wills, CGA's CRT's Cut-back

Change in Control Legacy Make a Difference Stewardship, Education CGA's CRT's Nondonor

C,2006 Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE


Planned Giving Marketing Plan Shell Jan DIRECT RESPONSE
















Planned Giving Marketing Plan Jan DIRECT RESPONSE Newsletter NL CGA NL Cover Mailings 50 >50 +$ >69.5 NL CVR High Freq Givers Lapsed CLUSTERS Society Financial Advisors Notes/Cards Decision Makers

Survey Email BD




March Mailing Will Planning Charitable Bequest CRT IRA Roll-over TM Qualification TM TM







NL--IRA roll-over







TG Note Email BD TG



Event BD/VD Wills Seminar

Email BD


Email BD


Email BD


Homecoming Email BD Homecoming

EVENTS Wills Seminar FREE RIDERS Magazine/Newsltr




C,2006 Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE



Southwest US




Planned Giving Marketing Plan Age Distribution 40



60 NL--CGA


80 NL--CGA



Will Planning Will Planning Charitable Bequest IRA Roll over IRA Roll over CLT CRT

Apr May NL Bequest emessage

NL Bequest

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

C,2006 Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

NL Bequest

NL Bequest NL Bequest

Step 7 Use Multichannel Messaging

An Integrated Department • • • • •

Free Rider Opportunities Your Annual Fund/ Direct Mail message Using the Phone Your Major Gift Officers Check your website

PG Free Rider Opportunities • • • • • • •

Annual fund mailings Annual fund telephone program Articles in Newsletters Ads in Alumni Magazine Web site Acknowledgements Travel Program

Free Rider Methods • • • • • •

Brochure Seasonal Brochure Ads Buck slip/return card Donor Profiles/Testimonials Quizzes

The One Thing • The one hard and fast rule: • Do not combine asks in one message • OKAY to gather data – One or two quick screening questions


The Annual Fund Value Thread • Build the bridge in your messaging. • “If I am a 60 year old with a $7 million estate—I need to know my $7 million will be put to good use—or I will give it elsewhere. They need to show me that they know me.” From Kay Sprinkel

Calling Programs • Planned Giving Knowledge • Say “Thank You” • Capturing comments – What to listen for

• Planned Giving Clues – Personal – Financial – Lifestage

Use the Phone to Qualify • It is only through the phone that you can ultimately determine if the donor is qualified and motivated to consider a planned gift. – – – – –

Do they have a will Do they have a PG with other charities Do they have children Do they have passion for making a gift to you Are they ready now?

Who is best to make the calls? 1. The fundraiser that will ultimately be working with that donor. Creates an opportunity to build rapport. 2. An employee of the organization that knows it, knows the fundraisers and can make the “handoff” once they determine the level of qualification and motivation 3. Outsource the calls to a third party telemarketing firm From Gordon Smith, National Jewish MedicalCenter

Face to Face The MGO’s Role—PG Colombo • Structure – How—outright, multi-year, asset with income back

• Assets – What—cash, securities, real estate, retirement, intellectual property, business interest

• Timing – When—all now, some later, scheduled, deferred, at death

• Motivation – Why—charitable intent, taxes, legacy, project, position

Check Your Website • Easy to Navigate? – What’s it called – How many clicks

• Here’s looking at you, kid! – Photo of you and your team

• Gift calculator

Steps to Develop Your Plan • • • • •

Step 1: Identify/Segment Step 2: What type of Planned Gift? Step 3: Purpose of Message Step 4: Choose Medium Step 5: Develop a Donor Centered Message • Step 6: Message Strategy/Planning • Step 7: Use Multichannel Messaging

In Summary 1. Cultivating PG donors is rooted in AF/Direct Response Create a loyalty giving club

2. Proactive Marketing is key--Every PG prospect doesn’t raise their hand Use data analysis to select your PG donors

3. Take 7 steps to develop an Integrated Planned Giving Marketing Plan

Questions? Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE Sr. Vice President, Sr. Consultant RuffaloCODY Planned Giving Services 800-756-7483 [email protected]

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