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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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77-To whom did you lend the dictionary? Who did you lend the dictionary to? 78-Mr Brown was here the week before last Mr Brown was here two weeks ago 79-My tastes and habits coincide with Peter´s Peter and I have the same tastes and habits 80-Mrs Wilson rents a room to me I rent a room from Mrs Wilson 81-Daily exercise is good for the health It is good for the health to do exercise daily

82-Reach me down that dictionary from the shelf Take down that dictionary from the shelf 83-We have never been to London before This is the first time we have been to London 84-Take these thousand pesetas and buy yourself something. Here´s a thousand pesetas for you to buy sth 85-He was frightened rather than hurt He was more frightened than hurt

86-I`m sorry to make you wait for a long time I`m sorry to keep you waiting 87-They don`t live here any longer They no longer live here 88-Neither of the roads is very good Both roads are bad 89-It´s ages since I saw Mary I haven`t seen Mary for ages 90-It caused me a lot of annoyance It annoyed me a lot

91-The actor made his appearance on the stage The actor appeared on the stage 92-Don´t pay any attention to him Don`t notice him 93-Nobody lives here except Tim Nobody but Tim lives here 94-My time is fully engaged I have no spare time 95-This has nothing to do with you This doesn`t concern you

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