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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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Research and Finding Evidence Using the Skills of a Digital Historian (Years 9 and 10) Movement of Peoples (1750–1901), WWI, WWII, Popular Culture (1945– Present). Jo Clyne Education and Consultancy Services Coordinator History Teachers’ Association of Victoria

Digital History is… the use of digital media and tools for historical practice, presentation, analysis, and research Practice




In your table groups, brainstorm an example for each category of digital history

What is a digital historian and what do they do? Twitter Interview with Tim Sherratt, Digital Historian  


Key terms and concepts associated with Digital History  Hypermedia OLD_BSC/hypermedia.gif

 Connected  Virtual objects

 Open Source Linked data

 New media

 App

 Online collaboration

 QR Code (Quick response code)

 Enriched E-publications 224591/narrative-of-the-life-offrederick-douglass-an-americanslave

 Substitution

 Digitised resources  Writing for the web

 Interactivity

 The Maker Movement  Challenging linear thought structures

Mapping the digital brain


Google Maps – Sharing, collaborating and researching Ponar Forest, Vilna (Lithuania) This site was a popular destination for picnics prior to WWII. During the Holocaust it became a place associated with genocide as Jews were massacred by the Nazis. Visitors to the forest have pinned images of the memorials to the Google map of the region

Source: ‘The Songs They Sang’

Go to Google Map Maker to find maps with public ‘pins’ pmaker Click ‘photo’ on the right hand side to see pins.

Enriched ebooks If you were creating an enriched ebook/essay on WWI, what sort of hypermedia would you include?

Ghosts of War Photo Series h

Trove Mosaic

Historical Fiction Competition av-historical-fiction-competition

Now and Then Source: The Argus, Saturday 8 March 1902, p24, (Via Trove http://trove.n p/del/article/ 139755544?s earchTerm=p lague house argyle street melbourne&s earchLimits=

Google Maps


Using and Making QR Codes This photograph shows the Dominiewski family, ready for an outing, standing by their Ford Consul car, Glenroy, 1960. Michele remembers that she was '...very excited at the prospect of going out in her wonderful outfit. Her pretty white dress was matched with little white gloves and a fancy purse and bow in her hair.‘

Use your phone to scan this QR (quick response) code. You will need to download a free QR code scanner app for your phone or table device.

Source: Museum Victoria,

Movement of Peoples (1750–1901),  Immigration to Victoria - a Timeline overycentre/websitesmini/immigration-timeline/  Convict life in The Rocks, Sydney – ABC Splash This ABC website contains five minute video clips, along with 'before viewing,' 'as you view' and 'after viewing' activities.  Australian Convict transportation database s/family-history/info-guides/convicts 

Invisible Australian

‘Blackbirding’ Kidnapping and transporting South Sea Islanders for work on sugarcane plantations An end to labour trade

South Sea Islanders planting cane, Bingera, 1897

The trade in Pacific Labour drew criticism from many sectors. But it was the White Australia Policy and the desire to protect jobs for white Australians that finally ended the Labour trade. In 1901 the Labour Trade formally ceased and the Australian government took steps to deport South Sea Islanders to their home islands. This was impossible and undesirable for many, and resulted in more hardships and discrimination for those who had made Queensland home.

Source: ‘Sugar Slaves’

‘Blackbirding’ Resources Background Resources

‘ A Form of Slavery’ m Immigration Restriction Act oughtime/immigration-restriction-act/ Blackbirding This is a documentary about ‘blackbirding’ of the islanders to QLD (it has teaching resources with it) Website on ‘Pacific Stories’ relation to Australia Timeline Ed Kit from Global Education (they generally have great resources and will often come out to schools to run programs) basic Quiz Commemoration of ‘blackbirding’

Video and Primary Sources Original silent black and white footage of islander sugar cane cutters (includes ed resources) Queensland State Library docs Useful public records for analysis es/Australian-South-Sea-Islander-resources.aspx Queensland State Archives Pages/SouthSeaIslanders.aspx SBS video clip about Vanuatu calling for an apology for ‘blackbirding’ Some great photos and primary docs National Archives – Federation Documents

Mapping Our Anzacs

WWI  Mapping Our Anzacs  Kiwi Shoe Polish: Shine Sir (1914)  Australasian Gazette – Patriotic Procession in Aid of the French Red Cross (1915) lasian-gazette-patriotic/clip1/  The Hero of the Dardanelles (1915)   Anzac Day Promotional (c.1916)  Cartoons of the Moment – Today the German Monster Threatens the World (c.1916) an-monster-threatens/clip1/

 Richmond Carnival in Aid of Blind Soldiers, May 1918 (1918) ond-carnival/clip1/  Red Cross Activities During and After WWI (c.1919)

The soldier settlement records and military files are currently being digitised at the National Archives.

WWII  Menzies Speech: Declaration of War (1939) es-speech-declaration-war/  Australia to England via Tobruk and Benghazi: Menzies Wartime Tour (1941)  Red Cross Cinema Advertisement: The Prisoner of War Street Adoption Scheme (c.1941) red-cross-cinema-advertisement/

 Roberts, John: Anzac Day march Adelaide, South Australia and other segments (c.1941) me-movies/anzac-day-marchadelaide/

 Roberts, John: Children playing war games in a suburban backyard (c.1941) ome-movies/roberts-johnchildren-playing/  Australians Keep the Wheels of Industry Turning (c.1943) ds/war-bonds-cinemaadvertisement/  Movietone Special: Peace: Australia Celebrates (1945) /movietone-special-peace/

Popular Culture (1945–Present). The Constant Threat (1946) d-films/the-constant-threat/

 Bye Bye Baby (1959)

Beautiful Melbourne (1947) d-films/beautiful-melbourne/

 Mr Squiggle and Friends – Episode 148 (c.1960)

Birth of a Car (c.1948) Vegemite Cinema Advertisement: Sister Knows Best (c.1948) Gerakiteys: Greek Wedding Reception: Canberra Scenes (c.1954)

 Georgia Lee Sings the Blues Down Under (1962) gia-lee-sings-the-blues/  Pick a Box – Episode 170 (1963)  I’ll Never Find Another You (1964)

Popular Culture continued…  The Mavis Bramston Show – Series 2 Episode 1 (1965)  Play School – Trains Thursday (1969) lay-school-trains-thursday/

 Homicide – The Superintendent (1970) de-the-superintendent/  It’s Academic – Episode 40 (1971) s-academic-episode-40/

 The 8th Wonder of the World (1973) nsored-films/8th-wonder/

 Living in the 70’s (1974) g-in-the-70s/  Faces of Australia

Projects to Try out with your students History in Pace ory-in-place/ Transcribing an article for Trove Finding immigration records at the Building and populating a website Making and sharing a video Creating text in an online format

QR code development

Students as Digital Historians Presenting at the Kids Conference

An animated film of the legend of St George and the Dragon

A Stop Motion Film about Australian Prime Minister John Curtin

Further Reading on Digital History  Digital History: A guide to gathering, preserving and presenting the past on the web  Exploring digital history with NLA’s Tim Sherratt

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