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EXERCISE แบบฝึ กหัดทบทวน

DIRECTION Say these words. How many words are there ? อ่าน แล้วนับว่ า รวมมีกคี่ า

Food and Drink

Lasagnecakecoffee cheesesugardurian cokemangosaltbutter





pastacookiesbanana milkshakestrawberry


steakpapayawhisky jackfruitpearoseapple

DIRECTION Unscramble and read these words. สลับอักษร แล้วอ่านและแปลคา

Stores and Mall facilities


hotel โรงแรม


bookstore ร้านหนังสื อ


newsstand แผงขาย หนังสื อพิมพ์


restrooms ห้องสุ ขา


restaurant ภัตตาคาร


elevator ลิฟต์


florist ร้านขายดอกไม้


foodcenter ศูนย์อาหาร


Theater โรงภาพยนต์


Fill in the blanks. เติมคา


John is Mary’s………...

John is

Mary’s husband. สามี

Martin is Diana’s ………..

Martin is Diana’s brother. น้องชาย

Denis is Roger’s ………..

Denis is Roger’s son. ลูกชาย

…………… is Charles’s cousin.

Marionมาเรี ยน is Charles’s cousin.

There are ..…….. people in this family.

There are 16 people in this family.

Prepositions of Place

The police station is ………….. the bank and the store.

The police station is betweenระหวา่ ง the bank and the store.

The library is ………….. the first street.

The library is on บน the first street.

The post office is ………… the bank.

The post office is oppositeตรงข้าม the bank.

The Second Street is ………… the hospital.

The Second Street is in front of ข้างหน้า the hospital.

The movie theatre is ………… the drugstore.

The movie theatre is next to the drugstore.

The bank is …………from the church.

The bank is farไกล from the church.


Complete the words and read them . เติมให้ เป็ นคา และอ่าน

Imperatives คาสั่ ง / ข้ อห้ าม

_t_nd _p

stand up ยืนขึ้น

s_t d _ w_

sit down นัง่ ลง

B_ _ui_t

Be quiet เงียบค่ะ

Lis_en to me __arefully.

Listen to me carefully. ฟังให้ดีนะคะ

Re_eat aft_r me.

Repeat after me. พูดตามครู นะคะ

Sh_w me your r_d p_n.

Show me your red pen. ชูปากกาแดงให้ดูสิคะ

_pen your b__k on page 40.

Open your book on page 40. เปิ ดหนังสื อหน้า 40ค่ะ

Complete with the verbs เลือกเติม กริยา 3 คานี้

go, keep, make

____ to MK Restaurant

Go to MK Restaurant

Don’t ____ food in your tent.

Don’t keep food in your tent.

Don’t ____ loud noise.

Don’t make loud noise.

Don’t __ into the forest at night.

Don’t go into the forest at night.

____ to the paths.

Keep to the paths.

Don’t ____ a campfire.

Don’t make a campfire.


Answer the questions.

Describing physical appearance การบรรยายลักษณะทางกายภาพ

Is she pretty ?

Yes, she is.

Is he ugly ? No, he isn’t. No, he’s handsome.

Does he have short hair ?

Yes, he does.

Does she have black hair ?

No, she doesn’t. No, she has brown hair.

What does she look like ?

She is really beautiful.

What does Bob look like ?

He is good-looking.

Present Continuous. เหตุการณ์ ปัจจุบันทีก่ าลังดาเนินอย่ ู

What are you doing ?

We are sitting.

What am I doing ?

You are teaching English.

What are they doing ?

They are dancing.

What are they doing ?

They are running.

What is he doing ?

He’s driving a taxi. (a Tuk Tuk).

Is he playing football?

No, he isn’t. No, he’s working.

What is he eating ?

He is eating some watermelon.

What is he wearing ?

He is wearing orange shirt, blue jeans, red shoes and sunglasses.

What is he holding in his right hand?

A yellow bag with a green lemon on it.

What is he holding in his left hand?

A stick of roasted meatballs. ลูกชิ้นปิ้ ง 1 ไม้

How many meatballs are on the stick?

Six meatballs.


Fill in the blanks. เติมคา

Verb and noun

collocations กริยา+นาม ที่ต้องใช้ ร่วมกัน go, play , do.

___ football.

play football.

____ basketball

play basketball

__ice skating

go ice skating

____ volleyball.

play volleyball.

_____ gymnastics.

do gymnastics

___ golf

play golf

___ karate

do karate

___ tennis.

play tennis.

___ swimming

go swimming

__ fishing

go fishing


play hockey

___track and field

do track and field

__ jogging

go jogging

__ hiking

go hiking

Writing ability: Identify the one underlined word that is incorrect.

หาคาขีดเส้ นใต้ ที่ผดิ

I always loves you. 1 2 3

I always loves you. 1 2 3 I always love you. 1 2 3

Ying is the managers of 1 2

OK Café. 3

Ying is the managers of OK Café. 1



Ying is the manager of OK Café. 1



He’s wear blue jeans and white shirt. 1 2 3

He’s wear blue jeans and white shirt. 1 2 3 He’s wearing blue jeans and white 1 2 shirt . 3

ทบทวนด้วยตนเองได้ที่ bporachorn

Follow the next rivision soon. ติดตามชุดต่อไป ที่นี่

Good luck in your exam. And hope to see you again.

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