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THE ARTIST A concert pianist, singer and composer, Ariane Gray Hubert (French-American) is an innovative and pioneering artist in several fields. Over the years, she has delighted audiences and critics all over the world with her performances, be it a piano solo recital, a piano-vocal program or with various music ensembles. In her orchestral works she has experimented with both eastern and western music traditions, blending them in a unique manner- an absolutely visionary approach. Born in Paris, Ariane Gray Hubert started her musical journey at the age of four largely influenced by her American mother, Tamara Gray, and her greataunt, who herself received her training in Geneva from one of the greatest pianist of the twentieth century, Alfred Cortot. Her journey from the grand classical tradition of the west, being trained in the renowned Russian, Austrian and French piano traditions, to the rich, oral music tradition of the east has been a fascinating one. All through this journey, Ariane Gray Hubert has touched the hearts of her audience worldwide with her music and her performances, which are often described as ‘something unheard of’ and ‘deeply elevating’.

THE ARTIST Her expressive scales of playing and singing together with her unique way of improvisation, her powerful rhythmical ideas and inspiration from ancient musical traditions are typical characteristics part of the French American composer. There is no end to her unique style and excellence in music. In Europe, Ariane Gray Hubert performs for major international festivals as well as for many productions worldwide (Opera, Theater and Dance). To name a few, she played for Radio France, in “Musée d’Orsay”, for the Piano World Music Festival in Enghien les Bains, in the Vatican in Rome, for the European Delegation in India on the occasion of the 50 years of the EU Treaty, for the UNESCO, the French Alliances abroad (such as Italy, Austria, Germany, Baltic countries, India) and for the Brazilian cultural festival in India. In collaboration with the French Embassy, she played “La Note Bleue” at the closing ceremony of the Festival “Bonjour India” in India and in France to commemorate the Bicentenary birth anniversary of the famous composer, Frédéric Chopin, to whom she dedicated a special piano cycle. Ariane Gray Hubert also performs for leading brands such as the Lufthansa South Asia, Renault, Vinci, and for humanitarian causes worldwide such as for the …

THE ARTIST ‘The Intensive Care for terminal life treatment ‘together with public hospitals in France, for the ‘Woman and Girl Empowerment’ in India or for the cause of the “Bahai” worldwide. In India the artist has a great and unique affinity with its people and the various musical traditions. Here she performs regularly in solo and crosscultural ensembles in collaboration with the Indian Council of Cultural Relation and other governmental cultural organizations. Her concerts in Chennai at the prestigious Music Academy, in Mumbai at the TATA-Theater, in New Delhi at the Teen Murti Bhawan, in India Habitat Centre, in the Bahai-Temple, for the All India Radio, were tremendously successful and have received high accolades from a wide range of music lovers and fans. She has also performed for the television channels like for Zee TV, NDTV, Headlines Today, and the national Indian channel “Doordarshan”. She is the composer of various eastern-western ensembles which include her much acclaimed trio “PIANO RAG(a) TIME” – a contribution to world music blending in an exclusive way some of the western and Indian traditions together with piano, vocal and percussions.

THE ARTIST Later, she signed with the leading e-label worldwide “Believe Digital” and her three albums are distributed worldwide on all e-platforms including ITunes and Amazon. Then, she has conducted a series of innovative workshops on ‘Creative Sound Training’ in India. Here she incorporated a variety of scales from the western and eastern music traditions based on her vast knowledge of oral and written music. Following this she composed the music for an international ballet production based on Indian and western civilizations for the renowned Indian Oddissi dancer and choreographer, Dr. Sonal Mansingh. Twice she was awarded the prestigious ‘Laureate Lavoisier’ by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for her music in Austria & India. Ariane Gray Hubert has also received several international awards for her outstanding achievements. She is a composer and a member affiliated to SACEM in France. For further details and enquiry about the artist, please go to the Contact section.

COMPOSER Composing is always a mysterious voyage, starting with an improvisation and then gradually taking a form based on an interactive dialogue between melody, rhythm and harmony. It also refers to the various sounds which exist in this world since ages. The music of the French American composer Ariane Gray Hubert is characterized with the unique combination of improvisation, powerful rhythmical ideas and inspiration from old chanting to ancient musical traditions from the world. In today’s materialistic world, attending a concert and listening to the music of Ariane Gray Hubert gives you a feeling that you are hearing something which is not a “run of the mill”, music which is different and that it crosses the boundary of classified clichés such as classical, world music, jazz etc. Music takes another dimension under Ariane’s inspiration, as her visionary approach to music makes her blend and create in a very innovative way. The artist’s forte is that she has in her music incorporated a vast number of musical repertoire from the western and eastern traditions, thereby giving her music a distinctive and exclusive signature.

COMPOSER This multifaceted composer, with her passion and vast knowledge of the ‘song repertoire’ belonging to the ancient times ranging both from the Vedic and Gregorian Chants to the American Jazz including the gospel and blues, is much in demand. She has received several international awards both as a composer and performer. Her music has been commissioned by international organizations including French, Indian, European and South American foundations for special events and causes. She is a composer and a member affiliated to SACEM in France. For further details and enquiry about the artist, please go to the Contact section.

MEDIA & FANS MEDIA Politicians Schmooze With Chopin Lovers Mail Today ‘Indians Make Fabulous Audience’ The Age French Connection Ragas On Piano The Pioneer Key To Originality Express Newsline The Concerto Connection A leading Artist, Today Times

MEDIA & FANS MEDIA Music : Art of Rhythm India Today Piano Rag(A) Time : Un Nouveau Swing

All Bound To Surprise Her Audience Piano, Ghatam, Tabla- Three to Tango for Bollywood Music Press Trust of India Une personnalité de la Musique Sound of Music When Fingers Reign Supreme

MEDIA & FANS FANS "La NOTE BLEUE" A Piano Solo tour in tribute to Frédéric Chopin Bicentenary Birth with the support of the French Embassy in India and in France Thank you for the elevating music. Bharat WAKHLU, Tata, Resident Director, Tata Group India Voilà une soirée qui nous laissera à tous un grand souvenir de Frédéric Chopin! Merci. Jerôme BONNAFONT, Ambassador of France We enjoyed your "La Note Bleue" immensely and we are looking forward to the recording. Neenaz ICHAPORIA "PIANO RAG(a) TIME", World music Trio & Music by Ariane Gray Hubert, with the support of international brands and companies worldwide

MEDIA & FANS FANS Ariane Gray Hubert is not only a top–class pianist who interprets Western classical and modern music in a fascinate manner which attracts both western and eastern audiences. Her greatest contribution to the ‘world of music’is her ability to fuse both Western and classical Indian music with great empathy, understanding and artistic skills. B.MUETZELBERGER, Ambassador of Germany Your compositions ‘Manik ’ and ‘Carmen Fantasia’ were simply mesmerizing. Dr Vijay KELKAR, Chairman, 13th Finance Commission of India Une musique universelle, ni en Inde ni en Europe...Juste une musique irréelle. Merci ! Olivier LUCIANI, Artistic director of La Fugue - Europera, Paris It was not only a great pleasure but also a challenge to our western approach to music. You break the rules. You achieve a wonderful dialogue between cultures and traditions worldwide. Francesca TOSCANO

DISCOGRAPHY PIANO RAG(a) TIME (2012) World Music, West meets East, Improvisation

BEYOND CLASSICAL WORLD(s), Du Prélude au Raga (2003) World Music, Between Indian and French Traditions

A PIANO SOLO TRIBUTE: MY WAY (2003) Western Classical Piano

DISCOGRAPHY PIANO RAG(a) TIME (2012) World Music, West meets East, Improvisation

MANIK ( featuring Akram Khan )

DERVICHE TOURNEUSE ( featuring Akram Khan and S.Karthick )






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DISCOGRAPHY PIANO RAG(a) TIME (2012) World Music, West meets East, Improvisation

“PIANO RAG(a) TIME” by Ariane Gray Hubert is a new world music Trio, one of its kind- never heard before. Blending unexpected sounds, rhythms & melodies for the Piano accompanied by the rich tradition of Indian percussions (Tablas, Ghatam & Kanjiram), the Trio goes beyond the routines of world music, jazz or classical. “PIANO RAG(a) TIME “ is a new cross cultural musical performance that reflects the musical journey of a woman crossing the Eastern and Western traditions in a captivating way. The credo of the artist lies in questioning traditions and cultural identities like: 'What is your West' and 'What is your East' in today's times. Here her innovative talent has matured since her last album and the listeners hear a new form emerging from her piano, influenced to a great extent by the eastern approach of time in music, but here instead of remaining ‘static’ it explores further by treating her instrument in a magical manner. Some of her inspirations are a tribute to both Indian and Western traditions like “Manik”, “Carmen Fantasia” or “Derviche Tourneuse” blending her original western compositions with to selected Indian ragas and with Carnatic/Hindustani music. But that does not mean that you get to hear Indian ragas duplicated on her piano! The aim of Ariane Trio is to explore new areas where rhythm and Indian melodies merge with western polyphony to produce new combinations of sounds and rhythms.

DISCOGRAPHY BEYOND CLASSICAL WORLD(s), Du Prélude au Raga (2003) World Music, Between Indian and French Traditions





“GNOSSIENNE” – Erik Satie



« MASQUES » - Claude Debussy

“INCANTATION” inspired by Vedic Chant •


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DISCOGRAPHY BEYOND CLASSICAL WORLD(s), Du Prélude au Raga (2003) World Music, Between Indian and French Traditions

Ariane Gray Hubert is all bound to surprise her audience with her second album. Together with a south Indian “ghatam” percussionist she has in a pioneering way created a new niche for western classical music along with world music. Playing the piano and accompanied by singing, this is a world premiere duet between the “king instrument” of the West i.e. the piano and one of the oldest percussions of India, the “ghatam” or clay pot. “Beyond Classical World(s), Du Prélude au Raga” is a musical masterpiece, inspired by the fusion of music, rhythms and Indian ragas in the day & night cycle, providing a mosaic of melodic and rhythmic compositions played on piano by an artist who offers the audiences another vision of the Eastern and Western traditions. "About a grand piano and a clay pot” by Ariane Gray Hubert





Deux Poèmes Op.32

Thème et Variations

N°1 Andante Cantabile


N°2 Allegro con eleganza

From 'Iberia'

Préludes Op.11

El Albaicin

Prélude n°7


Prélude n°8


Prélude n°9

Pour les sonorités opposées

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The turning point of a century brings about in art major changes and gives creation new dimensions. The romantic period of the nineteenth century is symbolized by the supremacy of the creator upon nature, the early twentieth century with its first world war provided artists no other option but to face dramatic change of the times. The years 1900 – 1914 have been tremendously productive in art and music paving the path for new visions and sounds all together. As an artist I always felt that during chaos and disturbance there are hidden forces guiding and inspiring us to improve within our means: Why does the music of Alexander Scriabine match with the lesser known French composer Lili Boulanger? Discover it in ‘my Way’. This album pays tribute to a specific period of time in western classical music where new dimensions in sounds, harmonies and rhythms were reinvented in a fascinating way. In this recording I would like to emphasize another aspect of listening to a piece from a woman composer, who passed away too soon to be recognized by the world music platform: Lili Boulanger. Lili, the young sister of Nadia Boulanger, was the first woman composer in the world to receive the special “Prix de composition de Rome”. This rare manuscript belonging to the “Bibliothèque de Paris” has a special meaning for me because here I hope this world will encourage more women to create and compose music.

CONTACT USA / CANADA / FRANCE To contact and book Ariane Gray Hubert : Art Generates Harmony, Association promoting inovative cross cultural art events between Europe and Asia

11 rue Desprez, 75 014 Paris FRANCE Ph : + 00 33 1 53 90 59 93 [email protected]

INDIA J-10 Green Park Main, 2nd floor, New Delhi - 11 00 16 INDIA Ph: +91 11 26857875 [email protected] For bookings and further information: [email protected]

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