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April 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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Fact Sheet Accessing Special Leave following disaster or emergency events Information for all staff Q1

What do I do if my school/workplace is closed?


As per advice from your Principal/Manager, attend another school/government office within the area if practicable and safe.


If it is not practical for me to attend another school/Government Office, what do I do?


It may not be practical to attend another school or Government Office because of road closures or worksite closures. Speak with you Principal/Manager and you may be able to access Discretionary Special Leave for emergencies or natural disasters for up to 5 days in accordance with the Special Leave Directive: 9/13.


When can special leave be accessed?


Special leave may be accessed: 

If it is not practicable to attend for duty at another school/Government office

If you are absent from your usual place of residence on approved leave or during a weekend and unable to return in sufficient time to attend the normal place of work

If you are required to return home before your normal ceasing time to ensure personal safety, protection of family and/or property or transport is disrupted or discontinued because of weather or environmental conditions

If out of necessity, you have to remain at home to safeguard family or property

If you have to remain at home to have urgent/temporary repairs undertaken, restore belongings, clean up

If you are travelling and unavoidably delayed from arriving at the destination

Other circumstances approved by your Principal/Manager


How much paid special leave can be approved?


The Principal/Manager may approve paid special leave up to five days.


Do I have to apply for special leave with pay up to 5 days?


Staff using MyHR Self Service may apply for Special Leave using the “Emergent – Pay” category. Should access to DET systems be unavailable, there is no requirement to lodge a leave application for special leave through TSS. For special leave to be approved, this should be recorded on timesheets (where applicable) and the local work area should ensure they keep a schedule of all staff absences due to the major disaster or emergency event.


What if special leave greater than 5 days is required?


The Principal/Manager will refer special leave applications greater than five days to the Regional Director / Assistant Regional Director for consideration. In exceptional circumstances, where significant numbers of staff are affected, for example, during floods and cyclones, a coordinated response between Central Office and the applicable Regions will occur in conjunction with Payroll Services to determine the preferred method of leave record-keeping.


If I am on recreation or long service leave, can this be changed to special leave?


In most cases, no, however please discuss with your Principal/Manager.

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