Discrimination and Prejudice

January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Sociology, Discrimination
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* Patterns of intergroup relations

*Is the denial of equal treatment to individuals based on their group membership.

*Involves behavior *Can be individual or societal *In most extreme form can lead to physical harm or even death


* Upheld by law * Examples: * the apartheid system in South Africa.

* Women in the U.S. prior

* Is an product of the

structure of a society.

* In this case it becomes a part of a society.

to 1920

* African Americans and the Jim Crow laws

* Example: leads to lowincome communities.


* Protestors to Brown v Board of

Education (1956) ended practice of separate-but-equal in the U.S. schools.


* Definition: An unsupported generalization about a category of people.

* Prejudice refers to attitudes. * You can be prejudiced for or against something. * Sociologists focus on the negative attitudes.


* Stereotype is an oversimplified, exaggerated,

or unfavorable generalization about a group of people.

* Examples: All Irish people have bad tempers, all Jewish people are cheap.

* Consequences: If people are told often enough

and long enough that they, or others are socially, mentally, or physically inferior, they may come to believe it.


* Robert K. Merton * A prediction that

results in behavior that makes the prediction come true.


* The belief that one’s own race or ethnic group is naturally superior to other races or ethnic groups.

* Throughout history, racism has been used as a justification for atrocities such as slavery and genocide.


* Prejudice and discrimination are related, but they do not always go hand-in-hand. Individuals can combine discrimination and prejudice in four possible ways.

*Prejudiced and openly discriminates against others.

*Prejudiced but is

afraid to discriminate because of societal pressure.


*Not prejudiced

but discriminates anyway because of societal pressure.

*Not prejudiced and does not discriminate.


* What is the difference between discrimination and prejudice? Give an example to illustrate the difference.

* Is it possible to be both prejudiced and be discriminatory? Prejudiced but not discriminatory? Explain.


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