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By: Ryan Larson

And Faraz Ahmed


C Beatrice (Tris) Beatrice a 16 year old girl is the main character in the novel Divergent. She grew up in the selfless faction known as Abnegation. She has very conflicted feelings about the abnegation. She has a strong feeling that she does not belong in the Abnegation faction. At the choosing ceremony she decides to go into the faction of the Dauntless and leave her parents and family forever. As she gets farther into Dauntless she notices that she has to put more and more effort in to get a chance at entering the faction of the dauntless. I also believe she is strong willed and hates showing her weaknesses. Beatrice is protagonist and is a major character. Beatrice is dynamic.

What we think Beatrice looks like

C Four Four or his real name Tobias Eaton is the trainer of the new other faction initiates. He appears to have a very glum attitude towards life. He takes the Dauntless faction and its business very seriously. He has a strong dislike for the the dauntless leader Eric. His nickname is Four the author tells you later in the book why he is called Four, he is called Four because when he took the fear test he only had 4 fears. Also when he took his aptitude test he results were Abnegation which he was supposed to go into, but to escape his fathers cruelty he went into Dauntless. Four is a protagonist. Four is a major character. Four is dynamic.

This is is what we though Four looks like

C Christina Christina is a girl from the faction of Candor. She is tall, has dark brown skin, short hair, and is pretty. She becomes Beatrice’s friend and companion during the first stages of training. As the training goes on they seem to talk less and less and start to see each other not as much friends but more as competition. They start to see each other as competition after their rankings were shown and Beatrice ranked first and Christina ranked 7th . Christina is a protagonist. Christina is a major character. Christina is static.

This is what we thought Christina looked like

C Al Al is a character that has decided to go into the faction Dauntless who is a transfer from Candor, but seems to be having second thoughts about it. He chooses Dauntless because he admires their bravery and also his parents heavily influenced him. As the training turns into fighting Al wins his first round but then intentionally looses the rest of the fights. He has a crush on Tris and then he gets rejected he commits suicide. Another reason he commits suicide is because when Peter and Al try to kill Tris for being the first rank, he fails and feels guilty. Al is a protagonist and is a minor character. Al is dynamic.

This what we think Albert looks like

C Eric Eric was Four's competitor when they were both intinates. Four finished first in their class, and Eric was second; he has hated Four ever since. He is one the leaders of the Dauntless and is excessively violent and cruel. He has black hair, many piercings and cold eyes. He was chosen by the leaders to oversee initiates and their training as to set their attitudes and instincts. Eric is an Antagonist. Eric is a major character in addition Eric is a dynamic character.


S Setting The novel Divergent takes place in a futuristic Chicago. In the story there are five factions that divide the population according to what they believe. Candor (the honest) Erudite (the intelligent) Amity (the peaceful) Dauntless (the brave, Or Tough) Abnegation (the selfless). The main settings in the novel are Beatrice’s house (where she was raised and lived in until she was 16 years old), the high school (is the school that all factions attend), Dauntless headquarters, the pit (the center of the dauntless complex with a pit in the middle), dauntless initiate sleeping quarters (where Beatrice slept and lived during initiation), run down amusement park (where the paint ball ritual took place), Michigan avenue, the Hancock Building (where the choosing and the zip lining took place), lake shore drive, the marsh/swamp (part of the paint ball fight).


P Rising Action In the novel Divergent the rising action starts when Beatrice selects dauntless as her faction. As the story progresses the rising action is accelerated when Beatrice is the first to jump into dauntless headquarters. Another rising action is when she gets ranked into first place. Also when she sees Four’s fear’s and does her own fear test. The last piece of rising action is when she passes her initiation and Eric puts the needle in everyone.

P Climax The climax of the story is when the Erudite and Dauntless go into the battle against Abnegation. I think this is the climax because after this all the action happens and also when everything just starts to go down.

P Falling Action The falling action of the novel Divergent is many events such as when Tris’s mom dies saving her. Also after that when Tris and her father go to the dauntless compound to shut down the mind control, the troops get alarmed and start to shoot and her father dies in action. The last piece of falling action is when Tobias and Tris fight but Tobias comes back to his senses and does not kill her.

P Conflict Conflict


Four and Eric fight about should have been ranked first when they were initiates.

Man vs. Man

Beatrice has conflicted thoughts about Man vs. Self four, and if he likes her, or if he does not. Beatrice is divergent and is rejected by Man vs. Society the society that she is living in and is forced to hide what she is.

P Theme and Resolution The theme is the moral or the lesson of the story. The moral or lesson we got from the book Divergent is that there can be two sides to everyone. The resolution to the novel Divergent is that Beatrice, Tobias, and the rest of the group they are in escape from the city and move into the country side.

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